This season

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a blessed New Year to all!
God bless our hearts' longings...


just a pat..

Sometimes you are in deep thought when you hear about people talking about their frustrations, regrets, and even their criticisms. And it helps a lot to be home from work, enjoying a conversation with people you consider your own. They're the ones who genuinely comfort you when you feel like you're down to your last gathered strength.

I haven't been this reflective in all the years that I've learned what it's like to go on out of a life where situations get high and then low. I think I want to THANK myself about being open to people and instances that are inevitable. And,oh yes, I am no exception to them, I could be one of them. Hence, this is not about me. I always remind myself that life is not just about me and the arrows that signal me where to go. Sometimes it's good when we forget about our own concern first and pause for a while to also notice how life's been treating others. They who simply need a listener, a pat on their back and a reminder that, "hey!it's OK." And it's worth the while. We all need to mellow to give way to what we might have missed hitting.

Humans are the most vulnerable creations in the world, the highest form of creations yet the weakest. And that no matter how much we thought of our selves as tough or winners in our own realm, still we come to a point when we need the surrendering and go back to that something tangible that keeps us going. You don't get all the answers in life. We only get to understand them because we are made to be patient like real winners to finally see what lies ahead and tell ourselves how we are in the making.

Slow down, however, persevere. That's what life is teaching me. And of course, learn to be happy. There are a lot of reasons to smile everybody. They are in the littlest of things. Some say, that's so easy to tell because life goes well for others. Yes, that is right. But the choice is ours to make. Will I start being happy now, or maybe later, when I get to my dreams?

Now, be like children at times. Be carefree..laugh,cry,dance,sing or play when you feel like. It makes you feel more human, yet, never lose that sensitivity.

Well, this is just one moment of contemplation when perhaps some people need a pat. Never fail to tell your self.."I'm OK." Yes, it helps...the mind does. :)


a patch of blue sky

"well, even blue skies have stories...

..and they tell us behind those leaves."


Lord, we pray for the world today. The recent typhoons that did not only affect the people living within my country but also that of the whole world. We can do nothing without YOU. You are the only source of our strength and the only hope when our trust in our self is almost fading. Be with us Lord when we feel like there's nowhere to run..when we worry too much of this world than think of how to save the world that you have entrusted us. We are so sorry when we have become too selfish and think only of the world. Guide us Lord as we are sometimes weak in our faith. Remind us of the things that are temporal so that we'll know which are more essential. Lead us to a way that only You can fathom. Heal our wounded pride to think that we can do more of this earth and forget that we are actually limited. Thank you for being so forgiving of our shortcomings. May we be united in this time of crisis especially in prayer. Amen.



...............moving on.

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Looking for something to perch.....on one early morning.


career path

"When my students fight in front of me, throw objects at each other as part of their play (of which at times, the object would hit me), or when they become unruly, I feel like my monstrous countenance at that already brings trauma to their young minds..I am in mixed emotion after. At times, it has made me feel odd to have put myself in a stricter view in front of my learners. But I have to.."as teachers, we have to." Grown-ups nowadays are not what every parent expects they are at their best in school. Their values are no longer hundred percent out of the teachings we teach in schools and at home but are greatly influenced by our new technology that has become so adamant and of which we as adults have become so clueless as to how far it might lead our learners. How can I be so sure that they are still the hope of our future generation? This is the toughest question that continues to challenge the educators of today."

Few years had passed when I first heard a good friend affirming on the old cliche about "teaching as the noblest of all professions". I honestly did not grasp the thought that goes with it at that time. I have always believed that no profession is far greater than the other. All works require the hearts of us all. All being noble. As I hold true to what I believe, I thought I have fully understood what it means to be giving your heart in what you do. Venturing now into this new discovery about teaching as a profession, I then slowly realize what a good friend mentioned years ago and reflect what the present is showing me . It took me years to visualize that there is more to what I had very little anticipations.

The greatest challenge lies on the truth that a teacher does not only hone the minds of these individuals. Teachers don't simply teach and facilitate learning--- they affect lives. All come from different cultures, values ,and attitudes. And this is happening everyday as part of a teacher's lifestyle.

However, I always tell myself that I have no right to complain. This is the path I choose. If I've had serious regret, perhaps it's when there are some of us who do not understand what it means to be in the teaching profession.

Thanks for reading.:)


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i ponder..

my monitor says it's 11:09PM..and out of the blue, i thought of blogging.
if there is one thing i so miss about me, it's the joy i find in this humble domain..hope one day i can go back here and simply express the way i used to.

..one thing: i miss the people i know along the way..i know they've gone far, and am happy for them.

..be right back blogosphere!
just gathering enough strength to share my thoughts again.
To God be the Glory!

Ev :O


Brain test

Saw this brain test and I got curious and so I gave myself a try. This is what I got. And somehow it tells almost exactly about me.:)


Most right-brained people like you are flexible in many realms of their lives. Whether picking up on the nuances of musical concerto, appreciating the subtle details in a work of art, or seeing the world from a different perspective, right-brained people are creative, imaginative, and attuned to their surroundings.

People probably see your thinking process as boundless, and that might translate to your physical surroundings as well. Some people think of you as messier than others. It's not that you're disorganized, it's just that you might use different systems to organize (by theme, by subject, by color). Straight alphabetization and rigidly ordered folders are not typical of right-brained behavior.

You are also more intuitive than many. When it comes to reading literature, you probably prefer creative writing or fiction over nonfiction. And when it comes to doing math, you might find you enjoy geometry more than other forms like algebra.

nice one..:)

happy weekend!


Hunting for fake Apple stores worldwide

An American blogger who stumbled upon a near flawless fake Apple Store in China has become an Internet sensation after her post went viral and triggered a feisty debate about piracy in the world's second largest economy.

The 27-year-old, who goes by the name "BirdAbroad", said her story about the fake store in the southwestern city of Kunming had attracted nearly 1 million hits over the past three days after it caught the imagination of the world's media.

A search on Google showed nearly 1,000 media outlets picked up the story and pictures of the fake store, with the topic one of the most talked-about subjects on Twitter and Chinese Internet sites.(SHANGHAI (Reuters)

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Too much tech is stressing us out...

Few tips to using tech:

• Devise a "not-to-do list." For instance, don't check email before 10 a.m. Attempt to set some limits.

• Accept the fact you can't respond to 500 emails a day. "A big part is getting over yourself". "You don't have a superhuman email checking ability."

• Learn moderation. Make a note of how many times a day you check your email, or how many times you scan your social networking sites, experts recommend. Realize when you have a problem, and make a practice of not being a slave to your devices.

more of the news

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A wonderful weekend everyone!



generation x

"Bata, bata paano kana magsalita?"

Time flies so fast and seems to me that the ticking of the clock in this present time doubly runs than the yesteryears. Too much have changed and technology elevates without our notice. And most of all, values and traditions are slowly deteriorating. The sad thing is that, because of the sudden rise of the demands of technology, teens nowadays have grown to be even more experimental also brought about by strong peer influence. Influences not in the abode of good moral values but in the helmet of a devastating evil. I wonder how our future generation would appear to be if misguided teens would just be left overcrowding almost everywhere.

One time, I lost my internet connection and so I went to a nearby net cafe. Little did I notice that I am mixed with young ones playing online games. While I was oblivious to them finding them too preoccupied with the games, I couldn't help but notice how their hasty expressions while playing echoed on me like a big cacophony of an angry devil. They hailed, shouted, cursed like true devil's advocate! How would you feel hearing 7-15 yrs. old shouting "bu****t!" or "y***a"(satan's a.k.a in bisayan dialect) for a lot times? Whew! (nalisang ko kadali) Each shout was like a big-bang to my ears. Do the parents of these young ones know exactly what their children are doing outside?sigh!:(

Their irritating exchanged of cursing words made me felt like I was in Dante's Inferno not filled with winged angels but with horned devils. And then I started to wonder what strong implication does it bring to the generation of today. I left after awhile at the cafe with the hope and pray that I will not be hearing my future sons or daughters with demonic expressions as they'll be growing up one day.

Thanks for reading.



This morning we had our walk for a cause with its theme: "LAKAW PARA SA KINAIYAHAN"( a walk for nature campaign)...it was a very tiring walk, however, still worth venturing.

"Let us help save mother Earth
not only for the present
but for the next generation to come
...for our children's children."



There is only one way to learn...
it is through ACTION.


"APOLOGIZING does not always mean you are wrong
and the other person is right.

It just means you value your
more than your ego."



Words won't suffice it all, but really Ma,

...thank you.



"I always tell my students that when you write, just let your heart go. There's no need to impress your readers. You'll know eventually,along the way, that it's already your heart that brings out the natural writer in you."

There were moments, honestly, in my profession when I wanted another career than think of how I might help or serve the youth of today. I tried applied for a different job, far from what I am at the moment. I almost got hired. On the second thought, maybe it was not what I should be going..because in the first place, this should be where I have to keep going. I could say that the hardest part of teaching young minds is the values formation. Because no matter how intellectual your student is, if he/she does not wear the right manner wherever he/she goes, still, that person will go back to a good-for-nothing individual. "It is not your IQ that gets you promoted to a job but its your EQ", as some say.

I love it when they come and seek for advice.But, ughh! oh, how I hate it when they fight! Sometimes, reprimanding can be very tiring. Sometimes I would say, "You see, I don't have a kid of my own, but how come I have so much of you in an instant!" Well, of course, that's part of my joke!haha! And so I'd say, when you make mistake against anybody, just humbly say, "I'm sorry." No need to explain or defend your side. An apology, if you are sincere enough, will remain an apology. And if you need to forgive someone, you don't have to say words that might only condemn that person asking for your forgiveness, you can simply accept that apology. No more, no less. That way, you two can still bridge a gap that no one else can.

Well, it's not that easy for an educator. To just say your words, wondering if your students have with them at least a piece of it once they go out of your classroom. But I can only hope.

Lastly, don't complain. This time, I'm talking to myself. Haha!
My timetable-making is nearing.lol!

God bless everyone!


He's watching..

"And that no matter how many times I would
shy away from HIM, there is never a bit
that He isn't watching. I just forget..
I am
immersed in HIM."


i live in a third world country

"It is a not mistake that we are born in a third world country nor a luck for those who do not."

What would you feel if you see your countrymen, though college graduates but prefer to work their butt abroad in exchange of their college diploma and that of a family that is supposed to be intact, only to sustain the need of their loved ones? Or of those who couldn't just finish schooling and opted to be in a flock of domestic helpers even become victims, if not of their rude employers, then of their greedy agencies? How about women posting sexy photos online to get the attention of another whorelike creature in the internet, who took advantage waiting at any moment to devour an innocent one, as an exchange for a convenient life? Would you be happy to hear foreign men, thinking of your fellowmen, scammers? misers?

All for money. Forget about the virtues which some say, cannot feed a hungry family. Let's forget about the moral lessons taught to us by our great grandparents and even those values instilled to us when we were in kinder. Let's forget about what our heroes in the past fought for because what matters in this present time is our pursuit to "survival". I see that as time ticks, I am in a place where there is a literal implication on the survival of the fittest. But still I say, "it is not a mistake" that we are here facing the ill-effect of the present time while others have what they want in an instant.

Well, perhaps for some,this not the be- all and end- all of what living is all about. Perhaps, you still enjoy how your neighbors greet you every morning with a smile that cost nothing but an assurance that seems to say, "hey, life is good!" on your way to work. Or see joy how others, in their old age, feel the love and care of their children every moment of the day while others sigh and neglect to feel. Much more to say, I, for the most part, am still in awe how my poor fellowmen find strength in their faith each time I see churches filled with vast of people..regardless of whether they seek to Him for personal desires or that for others.

Had we only deeply realized what we actually have to cultivate, plow, develop,or even change our selfish ways then perhaps, some people around the globe would just desire what this third world country has. If only...to a world that is already deeply scarred, we can only hope for a brighter future.

Thanks for reading.

online degrees

The present generation almost always make people in a rush. Everything seems to be moving on in fast forward along with the latest technology. Some people came running after their ultimate goals. It was just yesterday when we were so content with what's been laid on us by our former college professors in order to get our diploma and be certified to get a decent job. Well, not exactly as the pressure of the present time. Good thing though, busy people nowadays have options such in advancing education to a much greater height. Online degrees are on its way paving chances with those having busy career in life.

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the farewell..

"let this be your moment...
..free from school works
..for it is but only once that you become a child.
"thank you kids..it was worth the while.
i surely will miss this path."

~sei Ev :)
(Taken: March 26, 2011)

coin collection

Are you into collecting old coins? Have them be of great value now. Had I only known from the start that old coins would still be valuable in this present time, I would probably have collected buckets of them from the past decades. Who knows? Sometimes real luck comes in big surprises. As I come across gold IRA , I see that coins collectors will have greater chance to investing more from it and have their coins be even more valuable. IRA gold has got much to offer. Never thought that even the economic crisis will have its contribution to the value that coins can bring.

Guess this is seeing the lighter side of every story. Or could be what an old cliche says that when one door closes, another window opens. Well, for whatever this means, there are trends that weaken stocks and other paper investments and causes the price of gold as gold 401k, 401k gold, and to gold IRA transfer. These trends such as inflation, high oil and gas prices, even war, bank failures, or a budget deficit, and more to it will cause higher value to your coin collection. Start now and go for your dream!


pep talk

I was talking to my cousin last night (with bowl of pop corns in between our knees..)who just finished high school. I asked about what course she would want to pursue in college. Taking a pause, I wonder what she was staring at. We were facing the computer screen and with such pride she turned to me saying, "I want to wear this one!". Little did I realize that she was surfing online for nursing uniforms. My cousin always amuses me with the way she sees things at her young age. "So you want to be a nurse?", I asked. She simply nodded. "Don't wanna be a teacher?", I added teasingly. She smiled and uttered almost a whisper, "I'm afraid am going to lose my composure once I start to get mad with my students. It's hard to stay beautiful and get mad at the same time." I laughed hard. :))

Another thing about her is that she always wants to look fashionable. Filled with excitement, she was closely looking at the nursing uniforms and scrubs and the nursing scrub tops on the computer screen as if imagining how she would look like and still in her own fashion statement even in uniform. I teased and asked, "You sure you really wanna be a nurse or you just like the scrubs?I can buy you one!?" She grinned. I remember her friend once said, "My cousin sometimes thinks like I do". Does it mean I am also as crazy as this young girl?" nahhh!:D



good credit

Feels like I am closely staring into a blank sheet don't know how and when to react as I look at how a friend's financial statements from credit cards have cropped up in pile. I wonder how she manages them. Managing credits and loans, especially in this present time where almost all the basic commodities rise, can be quite tough and even nerve-wracking. Just thinking how much would be left from your salary if granting you're just and ordinary laborer. But of course, wise ones don't spend more than what they earn.

Found free credit and debt analysis online and thought this would help a friend and even all of us manage our balances. See also how credit scores work while analyzing your debt and take note this is for free!Hmm..will try this. To keep track of our debts from time to time so as not compromise our other expenses is a plus. My friend will love this.:)


Finals na, pero parang di parin mag-sink in sa utak ko kung paano ko tapusin ang mga bagay na dapat tapusin. Habang tinitingnan ko ang mga figures sa class record ko upang makabuo ng final grades ng mga magtatapos ngayong Marso, parang gustong iluwa ng mga mata ko ang mga numerong nakikita ko. Pera ba 'to?Hmm..baka mas masarap kwentahin kung pera ano?haha!No, I am no mercenary. Kung may isang bagay na ayaw kong itanim sa utak ko, yun yung isipin ang "how much" do i get out of something. Di rin naman ako righteous.Pero pinipilit na gawin ang tama para makatulog ng mahimbing sa gabi at ngumiti ng napakatamis kinsabukasan..:>

Hahayy, parang may aftershock pa yata ako sa mga trahedyang nangyayari ngayon sa mundo.Sana ok lang si mareng ghee. i pray. Sa mga ganitong pagsubok, kapit lang talaga tayo kay God..no more no less.
Normal lang talaga na makadama tayo ng takot bilang tao. At dapat na talaga akong matakot sa mga oras na 'to dahil di na matapos-tapos ang gawain ko sa dahil sa blog na 'to.:P

Hanggang sa muli.



"When you have the urge to say something blunt, leave half a sentence unsaid; although all rights and reasons are on your side; allow your opponent three parts out of ten." ~
T.C. Lai, "Chinese Couplets"

When someone says something mean to us or simply brings out a shocking news, be it a betrayal or not, sometimes it's our natural reaction as human to defend our wounded pride. We rationalize and even act on impulse. However, to get even isn't always the best way to win back our hurt ego. I learned that sometimes we have to leave some things unsaid for there is more of a depth in silence than in the cacophony of a wounded soul.It is not an easy thing just keep quiet at the triggering thought of knowing you have the right to reason out... but the truest intention of one's heart is most often the sure way to keeping your integrity intact as a person.

Thank God... I find true solace in this little contemplation.

Save energy and get comfy

Summer time in my country is nearing, however the weather has remained unpredictable. Ah!Global warming! It's simply pressing us to feel uneasy and lose focus. I wonder how humid our summer season this time. You sure feel the same way. But I thought of cost-cutting and so instead of having the air-condition on for long hours, maybe additional ceiling fans would be of great help. The good thing about this present time is that you don't need to sweat around searching for the best or quality products and deal with the traffic along downtown area. Good thing though is that the latest technology now brings us to the easy way shopping where online stores are just clicks away while you're just at your most comfy!

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“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools,
but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure
with a liberal allowance of time.”
~ Henry David Thoreau


"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."~ Plato


the choice

For quite a while there are more important things to attend to than go blogging and have my mind fly freely like the old times here. Well this time..I'll try. I'll try to free my mind from the old self-contained me..thinking which is way better and is fair. When I start to talk about my feelings, I know I couldn't help from being biased. But it seems to me that I now feel the need to topple down whatever mixed emotions I have and just let live and be free.

Now, as I read and still try to digest Vickie Gill's "The Eleven Commandment of Good Teaching", I couldn't help give a thought of it and ask myself, " Do I really choose the right career path for me?". At times, it's making me feel so guilty to have started to ask myself about my choices in life and doubt if whether I follow the right trail or just like any one else, also lost in a forest because I don't give much attention to little pathways and choose to wander around instead.
I only hope not. If so, it would then be tough to realize what I have manifested for being in charge of more than 30 students in a classroom when all of a sudden, someone yells and cries because one of my boys and girls are into a fight in my morning class. Or a struggle to deal another set of 40 students ,all with poor academic performances, in my afternoon class.These are the challenges that educators face everyday, both mentally and emotionally, yes, we have to be always in control. I say, " More patience, self!"lol!

And so I told myself, Gill's book will be a big help for a beginner like me. A beginner. Why does it seems like, I am always starting and have never moved on? Do I follow the wrong trail again? No. I always tell myself. As an educator, I must always have cravings for learning. There has to be an empty space in order for me to fill in sets of new ones. Just as Gill said, " I must be my own quality control". I must brace myself each day. Brace myself because I want to be happy and affect the same happiness to my learners. Well then, so much so that in life, there is actually so much that we can give to affect at least--one or two souls.

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."~
Khalil Gibran

Just blog like the old times. Thanks for reading!:)


How time flies so fast!In my years of blogging, there have been lots of changes around. Other than losing track with a few good friends here in blogosphere, there are shifting of careers, of moving on,of being out to see what's at the far end..where the path leads. At times, I would look back and smile at them.We meet people, we go with trends,we laugh or weep with others, we complain about social and political issues, we go on with our sailing, we dream the same dream, aim for the same goal, deal almost same challenges.. while all these teach the same lesson.

Life, every day and every year that unfolds, teaches us one common end- to be in one with others and circumstances as we are with ourselves..to be gentle as much as possible, however, firm and strong when the situation calls. And though the lessons may be countless, still we come to ask ourselves- "how much have I become out it all? am I now a learned person than who I was back then? I am not actually good in assessing myself no matter how I try. I still get to falter even in my faith at times. The only perfect thing I always hold true is that~ He never leaves.

Well, what am I talking here, by the way?(lol!) I haven't done this contemplation in a while. Hope I make sense. ;p

mom's pot..

a shot taken from my mother's pot..
..trying to catch before it withers.



ang tagal ko nang di naging emosyonal
ninamnam ko yata lahat ng bagay na masaya

pero ngayon
ngayon kolang yata gustong umiyak
kala ko tuloy-tuloy na
babalik rin pala ako sa'king dating emosyon

basta!gusto kolang umiyak sandali
lilipas din 'to..
"blogspot,pa-senti muna ha!
pramis, ngayon lang
ngingiti din ako uli bukas.


only lessons..

"There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons"

~Denis Waitley


fashion scrubs

Nowadays, fashion statement does not only limit into wearing your most comfortable outfit during non-working days. You may still look fashionable even when you're in uniform at work. I'm surprised how much styles can go so far these days especially for those who are in the medical profession. And that even in their nursing uniforms, they may still bring out fashion in them. But not only uniforms for nurses are available but even dental uniform or dental scrubs which are of finest quality.

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