so far yet so near..

how come new technology even keeps us apart? i just thought of the friends and relatives. just when i thought we could easily reach each other now through the aid of new tech (to at least stay in touch out of busyness) but it feels like things are on the other way around. we even hardly able to catch each other or schedule a get-together. i guess i just have to admit the fact that in this present time, gadgets have become people's substitute already to having an even personal encounter with people close to them. however, it's ironic that we have become even adept to keeping the distance..somehow i'm afraid that what we're actually building are fences instead of bridges. and perhaps i should have been even more afraid to realize that no one realizes that.

well, just a thought..it's late, gotta sleep.


the Uninvited...

One time, a wedding banquet was held in a small town otherwise known as a "barrio". Family members, relatives and close friends were especially present as the important guests . But when it was already time to eat, they were surprised to have seen so many uninvited ones also dining with them. In spite of that, the food being served was good enough to feed everybody including the unexpected ones. However, the hosts still couldn't help but vehemently react against the uninvited after the occasion. They murmured, grumbled and despised over their presence.

Living in a barrio like in the Philippines, it normally occurs (so far in my personal observation) that even the uninvited ones would come and eat too every time a special event is being held . But since they are not expected as part of the celebration, they are tagged as "gatecrashers". In so many instances in my life when I'd been a witness of different kinds of events, so far, I often see the hosts not really having welcoming outlook over the uninvited ones other than feeling indignant of them.

Going back to our Christian faith, I wonder if this is how we are taught about our values towards people especially when we know for a fact that the uninvited ones are those that could hardly get a complete meal in a day or even rarely to eat delicious foods. They're the poor ones in our community. Within our churches, we feel like its such a wonderful attributes to be able to show generosity, kindness and compassion towards our neighbor. But it's so sad to realize that these attributions are only within our thoughts but not in our actions and motives. Sometimes our understanding and concern only limit to our family circle and close friends and only them can too benefit what we have. At times, I cower over the thought that I too may have been guilty over that fact. And that the question I have in mind for others may likely be the question I would want to raise for myself. But God didn't say, "Love your family and friends as your self". He said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself".

Looking back to the wedding banquet, I remember my grandfather when he was still alive. And that each time his children (my aunts & uncles) would complain about their neighbors who shamelessly dined with them even when they're uninvited during special occasions, he would simply say,"ok lang na, nakakaon man tanan..(that's ok, as long as everybody has eaten)".


they bond..

Photography is not my forte but there are things in life when words don't say it all...
"I know there is so much joy with being a mother."


they flock

Caught this flock of birds from where I sat for a long thought out of a lazy day. I wonder what's their agenda :-) For sure after they gather, they'll go separate ways to look for food and a new nest to stay.
(just click picture for wider view)

"And I wonder if they feel anxious too like people... for fear of not knowing where they're heading."


Her countdown..

I wonder if America is now excited to see who will next reign her. Will it be Obama or McCain? So far, I have not heard of a very good governance, not even to my very own country. No matter what, there will always be antagonistic of it. When Bush rules, some say, somehow it made the economy went up at least within his tenure..and yet, it's still sad to realize that a lot of his countrymen still mocked him before he leaves his office. Perhaps due to the present downfall of America's economy or could be something else I am just unaware of. And I felt sorry for Mr. Bush, to most people's rating, he still ended up as a failure.

Now, supporters from both presidential candidates hailed their bet as if he can change the face of the earth or at least make a difference from the past presidents. We praise our candidates today and in the future we'll learn to hate them. All elections in my own viewpoint do not actually make any difference at all, whether it's happening in the Philippines or in some part of the world. As America makes her election countdown now, I can only wish her God bless and good luck for the next leader.

Well, I wish I can make my own countdown too for GMA to step down from the office (pero murag dugay pa..mas mo-mahal pa ang bugas!~haysstt).