"A man's house is his castle."-James Otis


Why there are broken vows

Love is never gone in marriage. When you wake up and don't feel the love (that you only know) to your partner, it's not about that sad feeling.. for love never leaves. The truth is, it's only to deceive your heart, so that you'll learn that true love isn't solely based on feelings but with years- it's in commitment. Everything has a learning process..even in knowing what love is all about.

Why there are so many broken vows nowadays? It's because we have not gone far enough to discover the real essence of a love. We are too weak to go on with time and end up hurting each other.

"You hurt your partner because you are finding your own selfish way out. You believe you have the command to defend your stupid feeling and you are actually caught in the bait of it."Love is not just a matter of heart, it's both the mind and the heart ..that's why there is a word called "sanity". Once you leave your partner because you think you fall out of love..you are a big wrong.Your misconception of love leads you to finding someone new because you define love so poorly and that you must know."

We are perfect examples of imperfections and thus we admit our human frailties, we stop from there.

Marriage is not created for a love to be temporal. The vow is made for us to realize that we need to grow even more in love every single day and that each waking hour is another discovery to the real meaning of it. The real triumph in all forms of relationships can only be tested by time.. no more, no less.

And so for you who feel broke, I wish words were good enough to let you know that it's never your lost. It's just the kind of someone who hasn't realized your worth.


a resolute life

"Everything has its own purpose under heaven."

I am gathering my thoughts again after few months or say "years" of hiatus from blogosphere. There'd been countless of stories in life that even when you don't have to write them literally, they show us everywhere around us; circumstances that are happy, happier, happiest; sad, sadder, saddest..we all go through the superlatives. But after all these, we are honed.

While I was recuperating from having miscarriage, I saw how the atmosphere in the house would likely swallow me whole. The house was messy, my husband ate instant meals because I had yet enough energy to attend the kitchen and worst.. left alone in the silence corner of our room, dealt with the excruciating pain both physically and emotionally because my husband had to go back to work. 

Now that I feel better, thanks be to God that my husband and I are strong enough to have moved on. Faith, hope, and love are the essentials of these all. 

We keep going. To God be the glory!
Life is beautiful.

Ciao..ci vediamo!


Back for good..

"Do not think of life as a competition because you will never find real peace. Think instead always that you are a gift, meant to be shared so that your life will have grand meaning. Only in an open mind can one find true happiness and contentment in his heart."

This is what I learn from Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays with Morrie." And that you just have to enjoy each birthday and each season of your life because each has great contribution to what you will become when old age comes.
You will no longer worry about having wrinkles because they prove how you surpass life both in odd and even situations.
Trying the blogosphere again. I hope this works. It's been a while.

Where was I? I was so in hurry to make my life always on-the-go with work and personal life. And I wonder if I did not miss a moment and people. Whatever way God courses my life now, only He can tell and direct. I just feel now that I just want to serve my God all my life... through the ordinary days to extraordinary ones where the orbit now points to a foreign land. To God be the glory!


my prayer for today's generation

Our almighty and everliving God, we thank you for this another year, 2014.. for giving us everyday the opporunity to enjoy the gift of life. 

Lord, there are times when we put you aside out of our busy days. These days when we are too overwhelmed over material wealth and earthly desires. Even all these acts result to our abuse to our environment and disregard to human dignity. 

We firmly ask Lord that despite our human frailties, you will not give up on us. And that your love and mercy will overshadow us always in this life that You so richly provide.

We lift to you all our fears, anxieties, and our weaknesses. Guide us always with your wisdom so that our actions will lead to knowing and doing what is just and right. 

Unite all your people Lord, that we may be in one in making this world a better place for us today and the next generations. Change our values, our attitudes towards our family, our workplace, our society into what is pleasing to  you, where everything is motivated with humility and love.

This we pray with our Mother Mary and your son, our saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN.


unanticipated ( the job_part2)

A month after, I slowly learned to find my lot, slowly building friendship with co-workers, but not with our principal. He was being feared by everybody for his strict implementation of the school policies and most of all, his fearless discipline towards his teachers. He wouldn't care to have you embarrassed during a meeting if you couldn't meet his expectation. On one occasion, my male co-teacher and I were in his office, one morning, for a confrontation. My co-teacher cried in front of him but I... never. I managed to keep my composure though deep inside I was hurting. Sometimes, his character was unbelievable. He would refuse to listen to your reason and believe only on his own.

But when I got home, I cried buckets in silence. I thought of giving up but my will to stay prevailed. I told  myself, he's just a challenge. I must not let him simply win. I have to keep going.

I wouldn't mind finding him almost always outside my classroom, observing how I managed my class and gave lecture. I wouldn't mind him, getting inside in one of my classes, doing unannounced observation. His stare could kill if you would not stick your courage to a sticking place.

Those were moments, I had very little anticipation with on being in the teaching profession. Those times when I must simply be the confident master of my own work inside the classroom but there are people around haunting your concentration as if ready to devour you at any moment because you couldn't perfect your job.

If this is the kind of environment I would be dealing with everyday of my life, I must find ways. I want to be happy with my job. I want to be happy while with my pupils, as we learn together, each day.

Just when I thought already of leaving my post as the school year ended, it was the circumstance already that found way for me to stay. Our dear principal left his job to finally retire as he too was in conflict with his superiors.

It was a relief. God always finds a way.


the job

(A recap..)

Welcome to my first day in the teaching profession.

There were thirty 5th graders under my advisory. Noise was airing from two other classrooms next to where I was heading. I was still on the hallway halfway off to my advisory class. As I stepped on the doorway, all eyes were on me. And the silence was deafening for awhile. I did greet casually putting my voice in a not much high tone in order to be heard until the last person seated at the back. They responded in a much higher tone. "Ok, please take your seat." They sat while eyes still on me.

I knew that day would be one of the toughest circumstances I would have in a classroom setting. Had the previous teacher did not get married and went abroad to be with her husband, she would have been their adviser still. And I wouldn't find myself in a situation where I would be coping with their anxieties about who and how this new teacher in front of them would appear to be in the middle of school year. I knew then, it was an adjustment on the pupils part as much as in mine. But I felt a no way out. I needed the job.

I introduced myself on a lighter mode and more bubbly gesture to at least make them feel at ease. I could not read their mind as of the moment. I plainly saw normal reactions in their countenance. I asked each to introduce themselves shortly to me too. Some stood shy while others went confident and funny. I ended the session with only trying to get acquainted with them at least in a way. And as I went out of the classroom, I felt a big deep breath like a stone just falling into my diaphragm. I was thinking already what impression the pupils might have on me. I couldn't help from feeling there would probably be a big comparison about who's better between me and the teacher who left.

Just when I thought that my adjustment will just be inside my new advisory class, I was a big wrong. There was a bigger challenge at hand inside the faculty room. Being new, I was quiet, a bit shy, and could only manage a friendly smile. They were nice and friendly for sure. However, one of them being the head teacher, was a bit strict that I must earn her trust.


a child..

This song reminds me of my rowdy student each time his father would come to me to get his report card. I could see my student's scared countenance and the eyes of his father seemingly in rage. I've always wanted the father to know how his son behaves in my class at times..like the couple of troubles he makes, but there's something within me that's pulling me not to. At times, only my sharp look and silence make him stop and behave in one corner. The last time we're together, he came to me showing his sweet gesture.

No matter what..and in how much manner a child has grown to be, I've always believed that every child is special.