Prayer for the world today

Almighty Father, we humbly seek for your aid and mercy to everything that is happening in our world today. We condemn the forces of evil that cause war and destruction to humanity. Lord, we are nothing without You. We know that there is nothing impossible with You if we only call on You. Grant Lord, that inspite of our human frailties, You will not give up on us. We know that we failed You many times, but we believe that your faithfulness and mercy , to those who call on your name with humility , will never fail. Help us in our aim to be good citizens of this earth so that we may be worthy citizens of the paradise You promise us one day. Thank you ,God ,for your loving mercy. Thank you for giving us Jesus and Mary as our Mother. We continue to pray for the victims of war and injustices,oh God. We know that in Your perfect time, You will renew the face of the earth. Give us strength and courage to face life each day with the hope that we will commit real peace in a world that You richly provide. All glory and honor to thee, our God,You who lives and reign,forever and ever. Amen.


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