A battle in Edsa

I have vague memory and very little understanding about the first Edsa Revolution. That was year 1986, one memorable event in the Philippine history when the administration of Ferdinand Marcos was toppled down after allegations of widespread cheating in the 1986 presidential elections. And then, Pres. Corazon Aquino took over. I was only a gradeschooler during that time. But all I remember were the scenes I saw on national television... and that out of my innocent thought, I knew it was just like a battle between the good and the evil.

Now, I'm a grown up adult. Who would thought that from my vague memory of Edsa I, I would still be seeing in my present time the same battle! And this time, much clearer than a crystal ball.

When we say, Edsa Revolution, its the people who rule. But what is it that I see and hear on tv.? The military and police officers who are supposed to protect the people are now the ones who hurt the people during rallies! And the government that is supposed to learn from the two Edsa Revolutions hasn't learned, yet it just keeps repeating the same old rotten mistake!

Sigh! When our children would ask us adults what is going on around them, should we not tell them the truth about our country that might only frighten them? or must we just keep in our self the battle that we are going thru as adults for their minds are too young to understand things? How many Edsa revolution will I still be looking forward from this year on while the government leaders continue with their selfish motives? Until when will the people's fight against a corrupt leader end? These are questions where answers might be beyond grasp.

This is such a tiring issue, when there's much we can do to be productive individuals than go to Edsa to cry for a protest but we must take part...yes, we must make intervention, because this fight is no longer between the good and the evil. It's already our fight for our children's future. Citizens of this country , still hoping that one day we are no longer wanderer in our own native land. So, help us God.



A mascot came my way and so I grabbed its hand and took a picture. I don't actually know kung anong uri ng hayop sya..hehe! sooo big!! Minsan talaga pag tinutupak ako pati Mascot sa mga malls napagkakatuwaan ko and I feel like a child again.

"Never forget to pick where you last left your smile..."


A license to hurt

Being hurt doesn't give one the license to hurt the person back in as much as he/she wanted to. After all, we cannot call it genuine love. When we realized that we're cheated by our partner, the reaction would probably be, we'd wish he/she would feel the same amount of pain.

But when there's already forgiveness for each other's failures and lapses, and these two people still decided to keep the relationship, move on, mend what's been broken and make the relationship even a stronger one that can withstand the test of time, then they should hold on to fight against the circumstances.

Authentic love means authentic forgiveness, and forgiveness means forgetting the past hurts and start anew. But that's not what I see in one situation around me. Just because the girl hurt him once in the past, he would unearth past mistakes anytime he wanted to and get mad and feed in as much as spoonful of hurting, harsh, demeaning words to the girl until he gets satisfied and clear his ego. Make the girl appear as always the bad one. Which he actually thought that being hurt once before, now give him the license to hurt his partner at any given moment.

A part of authenticity in love and forgiveness is accepting the person, regardless of the mistakes he/she made in the past. It does not make any self-gratification because the "I" has always been faithful and good while the "you" was once unfaithful and bad. In other words, if there is truthfulness in one's love, there too must be truthfulness in one's words. Unless when these two people realize that they can no longer find way to mend their broken relationship and call it "quit". But then the case is, the guy wouldn't let go of the girl. He wants to hold on to the relationship and yet he's not making it an even stronger one.

How can there still be love existing in a relationship when one would keep on reminding his partner of the past? How can there be moving on and starting of a new one if one hasn't let go of the past hurts? "The thing here must probably be, until when can there still be respect for each other even when the " I " no longer have the "You". When you just have to keep your silence and then go. It's not easy though, but true love knows what's letting go."


My Post Valentine Award..

Thank you Mari for this award..I am very honored!
(this is late though but I guess it's best to make everyday a valentine's day..)


Heart in mud..

A heart-shaped in a mud..while walking alone one fine starry evening.
...such love with so much expressions...


Love gently as it comes and live gently as it goes...

"Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves."
--by Blaise Pascal

We all have our own millions of definition about LoVE. But sometimes the way we define it is actually how we become bias with our own personal experience on it. If love goes so well in life, then love has many wonderful definitions. We can even become great poets!But the moment love hurts us the most, we have so much negative definition that love has caused. Somehow, I believe that we can only see love in a brighter and even fair perspective when "we know how to give love even until it hurts" and "when we can forgive love until love finds us in serenity within ourselves".

I've known a lot of people hooked with the thing called "love" ( ahh!what a great feeling!) and yet loses the love. Well for sure, I am no exemption of that. To some extent, I understand what it means to be falling in love. So I say," thanks to love for the memories.."

But the thing is, "when is love really love?". Is it when the moment we initially feel it and our impulsive nature tells us right away that this is the right feeling? or is it when we start to look within ourselves and think really really hard that is it really the right thing? As for me there is no other best definition of love than what "1 Corinthians 13" speaks out about the real essence of love. But human as we are, I understand that for some unexplainable reason, we cannot actually justify and even quantify love to such level. We are born weak and limited. And we can become victims of our feelings about love if we never stop being selfish about it. And we are like birds unable to flap our wings and still caged in because we thought of love as something we can have only because it feels great at the moment.

For those who are lucky to have found their true love, I say " do take care of it and nourish and nurture it even when the strong feeling of love has subsided...true love is tested by time and circumstances." And for those who haven't found they're true love yet, I say, " do not rush love, it will come at the right time, at the right moment, even when you no longer hope it will come...for true love finds its way to you and me..when it is right and unselfish."

**A Pre-valentine post***brought to you by ev

PayPerPost open doors

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