My Post Valentine Award..

Thank you Mari for this award..I am very honored!
(this is late though but I guess it's best to make everyday a valentine's day..)


Mari said...

Right, every day should be Valentine's day.

Thanks for accepting and posting it.

Anonymous said...

dili ko bes, dapat pang 14 feb lang gyud.... mawala-an ko gana if everiday permente. hehehehehe (kalog)

Nance said...

congrats, ev! got the same thing from mari! what a nice friend we both have!
b-lated V day!

ghee said...

hey Ev,dear!wassup?belated happy Vday!you have a great song here :)
kakainlove :)

hope all is well with you.
hugs mah frend!


krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
I love your blog too, and your songs.
Have a lovely, happy every day!

ev said...


you're very much welcome!I never thought really that you include me in your list..thanks a lot..it keeps the journey going!

bes na anonymous,

etsuuus oi! ang imong little prince hapit na nanimahong ok-ok!hehe!misyah!


yeah, thanks girl!we both are lucky in friends...keep speeding gurl!


miss na miss na kita oi!happy v-day too...i am ok...yep, inspiring song here i have..huggsss back to you my fren!


I love your blog in as much as you love mine...i always thank you for being such a very warm and appreciative person...keep it up!