To my mother..

I love you more than words can say...

This song is for you.

Happy Birthday!


Home again...

While Arnel Pineda made it phenomenal in his "The Journey" in the international scene (wow!i love his voice!) , I , on the other way around put my "The Journey" into the backseat.

Anyway, I miss this but most of all, I miss my blogmates. Well, I never wanna get used to missing people nor some people missing me. huh! At last am home again! Mari asked me once if this is already me signing on..back to being a frustrated guidance counselor, writer, sojourner, and etc. here. During those times when I signed off were the times I had to choose between career and pleasure. Well, I could work on both but for that matter, I had to prioritize one. I only wish it were really a fruitful journey back to my private world.

"Life is like that. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. A time to air your voice and a time to be quiet . A time to work and a time to play. A time to let things penetrate you and feel them but there must also be a time to detach and move on. "Tuesdays with Morrie" taught me all these."

For now I just wanna thank God.. am home again.



Noel Cabangon's song seems to depict childhood days when there was an airing contentment of life as being simple. The unwavering memories of classic that seemed to withstand the test of time. Now, we will no longer see those innocence.They have already flapped their wings and wandered from place to place to find meaning in existence. I like this song :-)