above all

YOU took the fall and thought of me...

..above all.


good credit

Feels like I am closely staring into a blank sheet don't know how and when to react as I look at how a friend's financial statements from credit cards have cropped up in pile. I wonder how she manages them. Managing credits and loans, especially in this present time where almost all the basic commodities rise, can be quite tough and even nerve-wracking. Just thinking how much would be left from your salary if granting you're just and ordinary laborer. But of course, wise ones don't spend more than what they earn.

Found free credit and debt analysis online and thought this would help a friend and even all of us manage our balances. See also how credit scores work while analyzing your debt and take note this is for free!Hmm..will try this. To keep track of our debts from time to time so as not compromise our other expenses is a plus. My friend will love this.:)


Finals na, pero parang di parin mag-sink in sa utak ko kung paano ko tapusin ang mga bagay na dapat tapusin. Habang tinitingnan ko ang mga figures sa class record ko upang makabuo ng final grades ng mga magtatapos ngayong Marso, parang gustong iluwa ng mga mata ko ang mga numerong nakikita ko. Pera ba 'to?Hmm..baka mas masarap kwentahin kung pera ano?haha!No, I am no mercenary. Kung may isang bagay na ayaw kong itanim sa utak ko, yun yung isipin ang "how much" do i get out of something. Di rin naman ako righteous.Pero pinipilit na gawin ang tama para makatulog ng mahimbing sa gabi at ngumiti ng napakatamis kinsabukasan..:>

Hahayy, parang may aftershock pa yata ako sa mga trahedyang nangyayari ngayon sa mundo.Sana ok lang si mareng ghee. i pray. Sa mga ganitong pagsubok, kapit lang talaga tayo kay God..no more no less.
Normal lang talaga na makadama tayo ng takot bilang tao. At dapat na talaga akong matakot sa mga oras na 'to dahil di na matapos-tapos ang gawain ko sa dahil sa blog na 'to.:P

Hanggang sa muli.



"When you have the urge to say something blunt, leave half a sentence unsaid; although all rights and reasons are on your side; allow your opponent three parts out of ten." ~
T.C. Lai, "Chinese Couplets"

When someone says something mean to us or simply brings out a shocking news, be it a betrayal or not, sometimes it's our natural reaction as human to defend our wounded pride. We rationalize and even act on impulse. However, to get even isn't always the best way to win back our hurt ego. I learned that sometimes we have to leave some things unsaid for there is more of a depth in silence than in the cacophony of a wounded soul.It is not an easy thing just keep quiet at the triggering thought of knowing you have the right to reason out... but the truest intention of one's heart is most often the sure way to keeping your integrity intact as a person.

Thank God... I find true solace in this little contemplation.

Save energy and get comfy

Summer time in my country is nearing, however the weather has remained unpredictable. Ah!Global warming! It's simply pressing us to feel uneasy and lose focus. I wonder how humid our summer season this time. You sure feel the same way. But I thought of cost-cutting and so instead of having the air-condition on for long hours, maybe additional ceiling fans would be of great help. The good thing about this present time is that you don't need to sweat around searching for the best or quality products and deal with the traffic along downtown area. Good thing though is that the latest technology now brings us to the easy way shopping where online stores are just clicks away while you're just at your most comfy!

I think one of the best things about purchasing online products such as ceiling fan, is that each detail is well-presented from frames, functions, packages, and up to learning about the latest design and features. But of course who says you can't bargain? Actually you can. They also offer great discounts especially during holidays. I go for energy-saving fan and found Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans offering this great deal. You too may be in one with me. Now, start thinking of your budget and find out who makes the best ceiling fans here!:)