Back for good..

"Do not think of life as a competition because you will never find real peace. Think instead always that you are a gift, meant to be shared so that your life will have grand meaning. Only in an open mind can one find true happiness and contentment in his heart."

This is what I learn from Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays with Morrie." And that you just have to enjoy each birthday and each season of your life because each has great contribution to what you will become when old age comes.
You will no longer worry about having wrinkles because they prove how you surpass life both in odd and even situations.
Trying the blogosphere again. I hope this works. It's been a while.

Where was I? I was so in hurry to make my life always on-the-go with work and personal life. And I wonder if I did not miss a moment and people. Whatever way God courses my life now, only He can tell and direct. I just feel now that I just want to serve my God all my life... through the ordinary days to extraordinary ones where the orbit now points to a foreign land. To God be the glory!