When can we be like children?

I was reading a news column this morning when a very good article caught my fancy. Let me share to you how it goes....

How can peace be elusive as it is seemingly now when all you hear these days are clarion calls for stable peace to dawn in Mindanao? Towards the end of Ramadan there pervades an aura of reconciliatory vibes and forgiveness. The yearning for peace is felt from east to west and from north to south. Despite all these we ask in desperation, “Why is the search for peace so difficult a task?”

If a ceasefire agreement can be sustained, then why cannot a permanent truce be attained? What does it take for protagonists to yield to the defeaning call of the overwhelming majority for the forces to lay down their arms and silenced these forever? There is so much land to share, so much resources to develop, the seas are so rich with a cornucopia of marine wealth. But the opportunity to make these resources productive is lost in the futile struggle for an independent state that stirs apprehension among those who abhors it. That is why the partnerships and joint ventures among Filipino Muslims, Lumads and Christians is so extremely difficult to attain because the struggle comes in the way to reconciliation, trust, unity and peace.

As if this desperation is not enough, we allow ourselves to be abused by foreign terrorist clones whose agenda is not only to inflict harm to innocent civilians, be they Christians, Muslims or Lumads, but to sow dissention and hatred among them. This ignominy is upon us and yet we allow these small diabolic forces of evil to turn us apart and when given the opportunity, to murder our innocent sons and daughters.

When can we walk the distance from east to west and north to south without fear and apprehension. When can we talk and laugh and share our sorrows and our joys without having to ask what our religious faiths are, our ranks and station in life like children who harbor no hatred but only geniune friendship and love?
( SunStar Davao)


Maligayang Kaarawan mama....

Sixty three ka na....Sabi mo, kapag kinwento mo buhay mo sa "Maalaala-ala Mo Kaya", sigurado, patok!Kasi nga ang dami mong pagsubok napagdaanan sa buhay.Naisip ko naman, kung isusulat ko kwento mo sa tv...sigurado starring kami.Ayoko nga! kasi matigas ang ulo ko...wehehee! Baka puro eksenang galit na nanay ang makikita nila.:0)

Minsan ang sarap maging bata uli. Yung sa iyo lang ako lagi nakabuntot..tapos kapag maysakit o nasugatan, haplos mo'y sapat na. Pero ngayong malaki na ako( kahit papano..hehe!)..i wonder kung nasasaktan ka rin kaya kung mas mahaba oras ko sa labas kesa sa inyo...oo naman!ikaw pa?eh,sensitive ka sa lahat ng bagay. Ewan ko ba kung bakit lumaki akong di mo sinanay na sayo nagsasabi ng lahat ng nararamdaman!Kasi dapat, ang nanay ang unang nakakaalam kung kelan ako una at huling nasaktan lalo na sa pag-ibig!naks naman!

Oh,sya sya....ayoko nang magdrama, baka maluha na naman ako ng wala sa oras.

Basta "happy birthday!"....wag ka mag-alala...lagi mo sinasabi nuon na baka iiwan ka lang namin o di kayay ilagay sa home for the aged pagtanda mo...di mangyayari yun...eto ako oh!...God's living proof na di ka mag-iisa...! Ako pa rin magkukulay ng hair mo... kahit minsan reklamador ako kasi ang hirap tanggalin ang hair dye pag dumikit sa balat! ;0

Salamat sa lahat! Mahal na mahal kita mama!



Have any of you in a situation you think it doesn't deserve on you to befall? And then, at the end of it all, you end up blaming the other side because you feel like you don't deserve the hurt, the losing?

Well, this is mortality. Being human includes feeling incapable of the hurt because we've given our best in ways we thought we just "did" but the outcome was not as plausible as expected. The truth is, we are not ready for any painful acceptance because sometimes reality just hurts. The realization will only come out once we learn to accept things as they are, learn the lessons it bring and then hold on to your goals and dreams....because there's more to life....

Ideally, only selfless love suffice on this truth. But since we are not living in a world of ideals, sometimes we end up with regret why things happen. I've couple of friends in all walks of life come to me and shared their loses. Yes, it's so swift that advices just come right there the moment they want it, but when you're in the same shoe, you realize that no amount of reason seems to justify to ease that emotional turmoil(if i may say).

But then, at the end of it all...as they say that time heals all wound...we'll realize that what we give is just a small amount to what are learned along the way...both parties involve are learning. If you are hurt, just realize that the other person may also be hurting. But if the case is just a one-way traffic... then, what good it is to have better understood that you have made a contribution to another's life...just that is enough...for me.


Laughter is the best medicine....

yesterday, i was hanging around with my two best buddies, gladz and sheng....i say, we had fun together....at first i was serious with my projects that i hope to finish by the end of this month...just imagine when i had to work overnight only to sort things out...it was sooo tiring!... i felt like i almost wanna cry coz some of the details that i was looking for couldn't just be found...i felt like i was completing a puzzle while some of its pieces are still missing!...i say, working and and studying at the same time is not easy...but then the result is still fulfilling...my two friends help me a lot..(oh, we are always there for each other..and we'll sure miss our funny and even sad times together)....their moral support is more than i only expected..thanks ladies!!!;0)

we almost wanna go crazy yesterday...and i swear even gladz'carlo babe was surprised!hehe...can you just imagine when we almost forgot that we have to fill our stomach because t'was already late afternoon and we haven't had prepared any food...(take note: we love to eat!wink!)..at first we had a good chat bout our own personal problems...whew!sheng couldn't help it..she was emotional when she opened up a bit...(it's ok my fren...life's like that!)..and then we shared opinions...but after being serous and emotional for a while...we were still to dance, sing and laugh at things....( geeeezzz..... lipovotan contributed a lot to these two ladies to have such driving energy!)hehehehe!~~~~well, gladz said i could try..but i didn't coz she said it tasted like medicine...yayyykss!i dont like any medicine's taste!)

well, this is life! after all the heartbreaking... and stressful things from realtionship turning sour, pressures from work, tons of project piling...its good that we are still able to smile at life...because life is good...and we all deserve to enjoy it.

after all,they say that life is just 1% that happen to you ...and its 99% on how you react on it.


Two faces of women....

This photo was taken from InQ7 news....Mmm...well captured! An abstract representation of two facets of life.


National issue muna tayo!

Should there be a retake of the Nursing Liscensure Exam?

I would like to quote what the ninth placer of the June, 2006 Nursing Board Examination voiced out that goes, “I’m afraid to take the examination again. I’m afraid, not because I cheated, but because of the high level of anxiety that goes with having to go through it again.There’s tension, especially for me, because I placed ninth in the exam. Let them not take away from me what I and my parents had worked hard for, ”( source taken from InQ7) A sobbering statement by Ms. Claudine Navalta, 21, a graduate of the World Citi Colleges in Quezon City.

Anyone of us placed in the same dilemma could have felt more than what the young lady is fighting for. Such a sad fate! The investigation about the said anomaly will give hope to those who didn’t pass the test but for sure will bring another restlessness for those who took the test fairly and squarely (with all their sweat) and eventually passed. For some, the said examination might just be a chance of luck, but what about those whose struggles were beyond measures?

Yes, the retake will of course bring the issue into clarity. And will make the passers integrity intact. But what frustrations this might have brought to others who have had all their effort once and passed but didn’t make it the second time around? A retake of the exam is of course a retake of another sleepless hours of studying or reviewing.

No personal biases here, but this is just to raise the issue about just what is really fair to all concerns. We are talking here of the future of our young ones. And we raise the issue concerning time, effort and anxieties that will bring even greater effect to the test- takers.

The issue is not something to be put into a heated debate because every crime should have been investigated. But then, I do hope that the ones responsible for the leakage will have more than what it takes to have a guilty concience. I swear! There is never a board examination just so easy to handle. It’s worth one’s dream.