Beating the odd..

I remember when he was still a preschooler. We would take turn in sending him to his class that would take 3 to 4hrs. everyday and you just couldn't leave his side because he was always afraid. So long as you're not far from his sight..being new in the kind of environment, seemed to me that we were his only security. Later then, he learned to be independent already able to adjust. Surprisingly, he excelled in his class performances. He was always his kindergarten school's pride for being the "Best Orator".

Entering grade school has elevated him from being the cream of the crop. Also active in his extra-curricular activities, there were times when I would laugh at his idea that he even auditioned for the school singing club. Though I know, he doesn't have that much talent in singing, he would even tell me that he despised the fact that he didn't pass the audition.(haha!)

His enthusiasm in almost everything would sometimes grow me envious of him. But inspite of his strong interest in leadership, he never fails to excel in one thing. Being a Math wizard, he won countless of Math Quiz Bowl regional competition. Though enrolled only in a public school, he proved to us that he can beat the odd by being a 2nd placer in the entire Davao region during his Math quiz bee regional competition...beating those that came from exclusive schools or big universities.

That's my nephew's story and am still hoping to hear more of his achievements. If only my brother were still alive, he could have been one of the proud dads in the world (though I know he's proudly watching over from heaven). He lost his father when he was seven. To be in one with him, I know he's every family's pride.


The journey is signing off..

Having been able to share my personal views and opinions online from year2005 to present and to have posted a few about life's tossing and turning milestone, it would be an understatement to say that I have not enjoyed this contemplation.And whether we all come from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, the technology of today have us together still in one common goal--to be in one with our freedom of expression. In the context of it all, I know somehow there is truthfulness in a saying that "words are still mightier than swords."

However, my views here have reached to its utmost, I believe, and so it would be redundant to say more when I know I've said much. Yet, I will still hold true to the song that goes, "goodbye doesn't mean forever". I will share more about the "what-have-beens" of this wonderful journey... someday soon .
We just have to enjoy life to its fullest.. for we shall never pass this way again. Words are not enough to thank you fellow bloggers but may God continue to bless all our endeavors a hundredfold!

This is "ev" in this journey..now signing off.:)



"I dedicate this free verse to the Filipino seafarers who were victims of the ruthless typhoon Frank..."

Kasabay ng malalaking hampas ng mga alon,
kelangan niyang marating kung saan naroroon
ang ikabubuhay nya sa kanyang pamilya.
Ang mga isdang sanay huwag maging mailap,
sa kanyang paghahanap sa gitna ng panganib
na maaring nakaamba sa gabing tahimik.
Habang sa kalagitnaan ng gabi ay naghihintay,
ang asawa't mga anak sa kanyang pagbabalik.
Kaba sa dibdib di halos maalis,
sapagka't ang kabiyak at amang dakila
ay nasa laot na ang hamog at lamig di alintana.
Ang bangkang kasa-kasama sa lahat ng panahon...
sagwan ng buhay kelangan makiayon.
Ang pangakong babalik sa kanyang mag-iina
ngiti sa mukha dala ang pag-asa.
Kaba sa dibdib ng kabiyak ay naibsan...
abot-tanaw nya ang asawang paparating,
dala-dalay buhay at biyaya ng Poong maawain.

True friends...

When I think of things that made me the luckiest person...

I think of God's free gifts to mankind..
..not money nor objects...not career nor fame...

BUT this thing born without a price tag-- "FRIENDSHIP".

And I am so lucky to have found them!

"Thank you Gladz and Bes... inspite of our distances, you both made me realize what a true friend is!"

I miss you guys!!


The difference...

***a recap* on my favorite subject...

"And that among the crowd, never forget
to stand out as an individual."
It's unusual to see pink Gumamela in the midst of white ones..
and so I grabbed the chance to take a shot of it...

It simply makes the difference.


Thanks for this one..

A big thanks to Midas for this award.
I am very honored...
This award was created originally by Arte y Pico and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and their talents, also for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium. When you receive this award it is considered a "special honor". Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to 5 others."What a wonderful way to show some love and appreciation to your fellow bloggers!

Am passing this on to Gladz, Bes, Joan, Mari and Nance. They simply shine!!;)