Walking along downtown area, a group of students was marching front of me. I couldn't help but laugh reading this ribbon neatly pinned on the back of this young lady..

Well, this is kinda new to me... and I wonder if I could get one if i would go back to the time when i was still a student.. at least i get one recognition at the end of the school year!;op

never thought that there is actually one..hehe (lingawa oi!)


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In thy prayer...

"God , grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;

to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference...


First lesson...

Ash' post got me mesmerized. Brought me back to old memory as a child. I remember my first lesson in biking. Yep, I was once a trying hard little creature, really wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle. And because I really wanna learn, it took me to get wounds and bruises down to my knees. But i don't care at all. Childhood friends laughed at me because i drove so lousily, when my bicycle would crisscrossed down the alley. But I never stopped practicing ..it was like a childhood dream..a simple dream..until I learned. And it was a wonderful feeling. I realized that it's just a matter of guts..of real determination.

Life is all about the first lessons. When learning cannot just be done overnight. When we have to get wounds and bruises...learning the hard way. Even going through trial and error thing. The sad realization is that there were more errors though than the right ones. Maybe because in life, though we cannot really plan things the way we want them, we eventually learn by mistake.. by wrong moves..wrong decisions. Most of my first lessons taught me a lot about life. They were all like big bloopers on a big screen. But then, perhaps if not for those mistakes, I will not learn from life.

Well, i guess it was not a mistake after all.



Finally I've found a breathing space after a long week exam. Whew! Ambilis ng panahon. Magsa-summer naman. Well, Lenten season is on the way, i hope to go for a quiet reflection in the province or just a quiet place to think things that I messed out and hope to change.

I miss myself..haha! kakaloka!for the first time, i miss myself?? Toinkz! Found myself kasi lately runnin' to and fro, trying to comply requirements in my evening class, parang for the first time, nakalimutan kong I breathe...na tao pala ako at di machine! Sana lang di pa ako isumpa ng mga kaibigan ko. Sigh!its been awhile that we haven't seen and talked. Kumusta na kaya sila?Will they still forgive my lapses? or the question would probably be,do i still have a space in them? I miss them...so much that i wanna tell them how i am lately. Arrhhgg!...naiyak tuloy ako...yayyks ayokong mag-emote this time... nubayan!;oP


the dreamer...

sometimes we wish that life is just plain and simple
and then imagine...
a world without terrorism that kills innocents and dreams.
a government without corruption or greediness.
a religion or race without criticism
no gaps or boundaries between the rich and the poor

and all the things beyond.

sometimes we wish...i wish..and then i imagine
while half asleep
the serenity of hearts and minds
for you and me
for our people
our children

and our children's children.

"you may say i'm a dreamer..but i'm not the only one."


No longer a kid...

My nephews used to visit us in the house on weekends. One time, the eldest now in 6th grade asked for a money from my father. I saw my father then counted the coins on his palm and gave the five peso to my nephew. I was laughing really really hard when my nephew blurted out saying," Lo!Dako nako!Grade six nako! singko gihapon?!" And then he continued complaining saying, " Dapat minimum of 10 pesos na Lo oi! dili nagud ko bata!" nyahaha..

You know our young ones nowadays, they are more open and blunt but funny when they react over things. I don't know but I was really smiling to have realized how much wit does my nephew have grown to have lately.Well, just wanna share the funny conversation of a grandfather and a grandson. Perhaps my father forgot that his grandson is no longer the little boy he used to cuddle with some years have passed.

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On simple things...

As soon as I finished my college degree back then, I took all my nerves of enthusiasm to land a job right away. But to no avail, I found myself as if just doing promotional tour of submitting resume with my ever confident picture in it (hhehe!) to all companies that I would somehow fit. And then I would be back home really exhausted and frustrated.The thought of being jobless and parasite at home jam-packed in my mind as if taking away the self-esteem in me. It took awhile for me to realize that instead of feeling helpless I must make each moment of my day a moment worth remembering even when all I could do for the moment are all the routinary household chores back home.

Did you ever feel sick and tired of washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor, cleaning your toilet bowl, getting cobwebs and preparing meals each day? And that instead of feeling a sense of fulfillment for having done those stuff at home,you feel like these are the things more than you could just bear..the pride of being a graduate and yet not qualified for some job opportunities. Now it's time for you to take away that pride and find joy instead on simple things.

I do believe that if you see Jesus Christ on small things, then for sure it matters more than working in a corporate office but couldn't feel any sense of contentment, feeling tired for a hard-earned money. Sometimes, we have wrong connotation about things because we thought them more of a "work that requires great effort" than a "work that requires much love". Find joy and contentment in every little thing that you do without stepping unto someone else's shoe while acknowledging the presence of God and for sure, wherever you go and whatever you do "you are still you chartering your life in a better perspective". You will never ever get lost!

If you are a househelper, janitor, or a plain housewife and mother taking care of your children and husband each day, just realize that you are put in that instance because you can be great in that way. There is a purpose in every area of life. As I once read a very good book, ( I can no longer recall its name) that said, "we can't all be managers, there has to be maintainance to keep things in good shape." And true enough that life is in "balance". If only we see ourself doing worthy things for a worthy cause.

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My heartfelt gratitude to Shan for this award!
I should have given my piece of speech but I'm shy!hehe

Shine on bloggers!

Discount coupons for the season

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