On simple things...

As soon as I finished my college degree back then, I took all my nerves of enthusiasm to land a job right away. But to no avail, I found myself as if just doing promotional tour of submitting resume with my ever confident picture in it (hhehe!) to all companies that I would somehow fit. And then I would be back home really exhausted and frustrated.The thought of being jobless and parasite at home jam-packed in my mind as if taking away the self-esteem in me. It took awhile for me to realize that instead of feeling helpless I must make each moment of my day a moment worth remembering even when all I could do for the moment are all the routinary household chores back home.

Did you ever feel sick and tired of washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor, cleaning your toilet bowl, getting cobwebs and preparing meals each day? And that instead of feeling a sense of fulfillment for having done those stuff at home,you feel like these are the things more than you could just bear..the pride of being a graduate and yet not qualified for some job opportunities. Now it's time for you to take away that pride and find joy instead on simple things.

I do believe that if you see Jesus Christ on small things, then for sure it matters more than working in a corporate office but couldn't feel any sense of contentment, feeling tired for a hard-earned money. Sometimes, we have wrong connotation about things because we thought them more of a "work that requires great effort" than a "work that requires much love". Find joy and contentment in every little thing that you do without stepping unto someone else's shoe while acknowledging the presence of God and for sure, wherever you go and whatever you do "you are still you chartering your life in a better perspective". You will never ever get lost!

If you are a househelper, janitor, or a plain housewife and mother taking care of your children and husband each day, just realize that you are put in that instance because you can be great in that way. There is a purpose in every area of life. As I once read a very good book, ( I can no longer recall its name) that said, "we can't all be managers, there has to be maintainance to keep things in good shape." And true enough that life is in "balance". If only we see ourself doing worthy things for a worthy cause.


ann said...

Hello ev! When I was still in college I didn't imagine myself as a plain housewife someday, ang taas ng pangarap ko. I want to travel, travel and travel. But everything changed, nag-iiba ang mga priorities , pag pala may mga anak ka na, sila muna bago sarili mo. And I'm happy, satisfied and contented although marami sa mga dreams ko (career)ang hindi natupad.

Nance said...

i learned that acceptance is the key for something that you can't changed ... only then that you find inner peace and happiness.

Have a good weekend, Ev!

Cielo said...

hi EV, parehas us the moment that i graduated i immediately applied for several jobs, hanggang magkanda kalyo kalyo na ang aking mga paa kakalakad, only to went home with so much dis appointment coz of the ususal "dont call us we will call u"

but ofcourse God has his perfect timing that we have to wait for. tamang recipe : sikap at tyaga = nilaga

tikey said...

Ay korek ka nman jan! lahat tayo may purpose in life kaya tara na at gamit na ng Mang Tomas..

lady cess said...

this is so pdl, of which i am a fan. tama ka. sa pdl ko rin yata nabasa there was this woman whose job was to peel potatoes, but she doesn't feel it's a worthless endeavor, bec she feels it's all for HIm.

wITChy Boop said...

you know exactly where your spot in my heart is. missing you bes. hows nance?

Mari said...

Right after I graduated I thought to myself, "Here I come world." Right! I thought I could make it on my own, but I was wrong. So, I worked for others, which was a lot better, as I get paid regularly. My dream of working on my own ended sooner than I thought. Oh well, we can't all be managers, someone has to do the cleaning.

krystyna said...

Hi Ev,
very incentive post and comments. Thanks!
I wish you successful, happy life!

krystyna said...

I always love your music, these video is wonderful. I stole the one from you.

Davao Wordpresser said...

Wow, truly a very inspiring read. I have been facing a similar situation lately and needs much uplifting. A friend told me this once and you confirmed it - that every job, no matter how small we think our role is , play a role that no one else can in the balance of things. "Not everyone can be managers" as you quoted. Truly and inspiring one. Thanks.

ev said...


I guess that's how it really is, when we feel fulfilled and happy with our choices in life like being a mother,wife,or a housewife, these become the equals of our dream...and the happiness is beyond compare. Ano panga ba ang mas masarap sa pakiramdam ng pagiging ina...wala na yata..naks!kala mo parang kapapanganak kolang?!hehe


yes, you're absolutely right..it's all about "acceptance"..then good things will follow.


"God has a perfect timing.." wonderful comment from you..;0)


hahaha!iba ka talaga, walang katulad, parang si Mang Tomas!my hugs to you gurl!it's been awhile..

lady cess,
yeah, you remind me right, this appears to be like that of the purpose driven life...dun ko yata nabasa yung line....all for the greater glory of God!


Thanks a lot my fren!I do feel the same.Keep posted.


Oh, yeah, I feel all that you say...dumaan ako sa butas ng karayom while applying for job opportunity. yep, we can't all be managers..wala pa nuon ko kakita ug manager na nanilhig sa iyang opisina..hehe!


Thank you as always for being always there. Hugsss to you girl!my heartfelt thanks for the well wishes!you can get the video for free!hehe

Davao Wordpresser,

My pleasure to have you guys here.Hope this entry gives enlightenment in a way. Thanks for the wonderful comment. Kinsa diay ka?mysterious man oi!hehe!

ghee said...

yeah,right,Ev,you wont get tired if you have the fulfillment.what about me?doing my routines everyday and then a career woman at the same time?mas doble and pagod...but at the end of the day,being with my family around me,i always realize that its all worth it :)

nice post,gurl!!

Regards!miss yah!