My story is OUR story...

The thought of having these experiences put into record got me into mixed emotions. It seems to me that my thoughts and words altogether are just hard to contain. In all my years, the city life has made me who I was and how I have become.But just when I thought this is what living is all about..I see that there is more to the unknown waiting for time to help me unfold.
It is not mere luck but hard work. It is not by chance that you get to travel far and see what's at the far end but looking back, it was how you painstakingly endure the many loses you have to encounter in life before you get to think of winning. 

It is to have made your self realized first your weakness before you think of how actually strong you are as a person.  My story is nothing far different from your story. In one way or another, we can relate to a life that is filled with wonders and surprises.

I am in awe  with how God leads my life in spite of my imperfections.

I never thought that my years would make me the person not even my family thought of me to be. And that once an introvert person, so content to take the backseat, afraid to speak ...now leading me to a post where I have to be still and conquer stage fright because I choose this profession.

I once told my students, "You may not be able to save the entire human race from hunger, poverty, or from restlessness, but then at least you can save one soul. Dream and inspire a free-spirited soul." And then who knows, you might make a difference.

Actually, emotera ko karon, ing-ani lang gyud siguro ang feeling inig madungagan ang edad..;P

Back to my journey..God bless everyone!


Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!
May we truly live the kind of life that Jesus wants us to be.
God bless us in this journey called "Life".