Agosto: Buwan ng Wika

Sa Pilipinas meron tayong "Buwan ng Wika"...mmm...sa ibang bansa kaya... meron din kaya sila? Sabi ng kaibigan ko, bakit ang ibang bansa por eksampol, ang Korea, di naman sila talaga marunong mag-ingles pero mayaman at maunlad ang bansa nila? Pero bakit nga ba sa Pilipinas ay "big deal" kung marunong ka o hindi mag-ingles? Para bang ikaw na ang pinaka-obsolete na tao sa mundo kung da ka "in". Marami ngang naitutulong ang linggwaheng ingles lalo na kung "competency" ang pag-uusapan, pero yung pagtatawanan mo ang taong di marunong mag-ingles,abah! ibang usapan na ata yan. Teka lang...ang sabi nila...nasa Pilipinas tayo ah. Nakakalito ano?!

Alam nyo naman siguro ang bagong patakaran ngayon sa mga eskwelahan "Speak in English" in school and at home. Ok lang yan. Kelangan ang mga bata hangga't maaga marunong na sila mag-ingles...pero paano kung kano na ang estudyante mo o di kaya'y nasanay na silang gumamit ng salitang ingles? Anong mangyayari sa grado nila sa "Filipino"? Naku po!Di kaya sila nalilito? Kelangan ko ng solusyon...tulong naman dyan!

Akala lang siguro natin nakatira tayo sa isang demokrasyang bansa...pero di lang siguro tayo aware..sa ibang paraan tayo nasasakop....yun bang palihim?Ang sarap din kaya ng pakiramdam na kaya na nating magsalita ng ibang linggwahe,kaya na nating makipagsabayan sa mga taga ibang bansa...magaling ata ang pinoy!..pero di ba tayo nakakatakot na baka isang araw, sakop na rin pala ang Pinas ng ibang bansa? Ah..di naman siguro mangyayari yun. Kadalasan nga di na natin alam kung ano sa tagalog ang isang salita. Kaya humihiram tayo ng lingwahe ng ibang bansa...hindi na rin matatawag na hiram...angkin na talaga natin katulad ng salitang "cake"...ano nga ba sa talagalog ang cake? Di nga ba "keyk" pa rin pero iniba lang natin ang baybay? Naku, mukhang nalalayo ako ah. Kahit kelan talaga liwaliw utak ko!wehehe!

Basta....ok lang matuto ng iba't ibang linggwahe basta huwag lang makalimot sa sariling wika.


"Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth."

How many of us are too afraid to express our true feelings? And then, on the later part, we regret why we aren't able to do so..when it's already too late and there's no more chance of letting the person know...

When i was a kid, i didn't know the difference between "showing" what you feel and "saying" what you feel. I wasn't brought up mushy and expressive about my feelings. Seeing life in a big struggle and seeing my parents working very hard to sustain our needs, the showing of affection for one another as family is not our big concern. It didn't matter whether we have time together for a closer relationship, but it did matter, that though my parents were often out for work, there must be something to be set on the table. But when i was already growing up and saw how my cousins show their affetion to their parents by kissing on the cheeks each time their dad are home from work and finding them being able to say too easily what they feel , I started to feel envious and grow questioning why it's just too lousy and hard for me to express the same way to my family. When all i can do is show them importance in some conventional way..when it's not "corny". But i do have regrets...only when five years ago, my brother passed away...that's why the song "i can't cry hard enough" connotes such a deeper meaning on me.

Too many relationships have crambled for one simple reason...romantism drifted into oblivion.

One time, i saw a wedding guest book (dated years ago) already junked by our neighbor. I opened some pages and found meaningful messages of good luck and prayers from relative and friends ,for the success of their marriage. I asked my friend why it was thrown away, and it made me sad a bit when my friend said, "Ev, i tried gave it back for they might have just misplaced it, but the wife said,"what is that book for?we can't pawn it anyway!". I was stammered. For this, i sense one obvious reason t
hat the most challenging stage in every married couple's life is when they've reached "boredom"at the height of their relationship. Could it be possible? But of course! For so many possible reasons, i know one--- the death of a romance.

So when you express your love, I say," don't say you love the person because.....but rather, love the person beyond reasons...a love that not limited by time... a love that's boundless...so that when all that your love can offer would one day be stolen by circumstance or old age(though i hope not!)....you two would still vow to love each for the same reason! Well, it reminds me of the movie"The Notebook". How i love it!"


crab mentality

Last Saturday,napag-usapan namin with my new friends ang tungkol sa crab mentality. Sabi kasi ng isa, sa kanyang eskwelahan na pinagtuturuan, meron syang kasamahan na guro na dalawang masters degree na ang natapos. Then, nagtataka daw sya kung bakit iba ang pakikitungo nito sa kanya ngayon since they're good friends naman from the start. Ito kasi ang ugat kung bakit medyo indifferent yung guro na yun. Binigay kasi ng administration sa friend ko yung load to handle debate and speeches program na dati ay naka-assign sa guro na yun. In short, bitter sya dahil sa mas bata sa kanya at wala pang gaanong attainment like her, naibigay ang program. Well, it's just that nagtiwala naman sa kakayahan ng friend ko ang administration. He tried to talk to the teacher to clear things out with what happen between them but he only received a sour reply. Ang sabi pa sa kanya, "No, no, don't talk to me". Which can be very mean dahil alam naman ng friend ko na wala syang ginagawang masama. Gusto lang nya ibalik ang dati nilang pagkakaibigan.

Crab mentality describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs in which one tries to escape over the side, but is relent lessly pulled down by the others in the pot(Wikipedia).

It is sad to note that this is very common sa ating mga Filipino. Mahirap nga ba talagang tanggapin na nauungusan tayo ng ibang tao na may mas mababang lamang achievement kaysa sa'tin? I mean, why can't we just be happy for other people? Ang isyung ito ay nakikita di lamang sa ating workplace ngunit maari din itong present within our family tree. I must admit na it even happens to people i thought i already know so well. I've relatives i instinctively sense who are bitter over the fact na mas nakakaangat sa buhay ang iba nyang mga kapatid kaysa sa kanya or say "sa kanila". Nakakalungkot dahil isang pag-uugali na hihila sa'tin pababa instead of aiming for progress for each other. Hindi ko na minsan mafigure-out kung may authenticity nga ba sa kanilang pakikitungo with my family. Anong silbi ng dami ng natapos na educational attainment o degree ng isang tao kung ang pinakasimpleng bagay na damayan ay baliwala lang? Is it really hard to be giving or acknowledge what one has accomplished?
Yun bang "masaya ako para sa'yo" mentality?

I am happy for my friend but i'm sad for his co-teacher who after all, still not learning enough inspite of all her educational attainment.


Just Thank you ....

Thank you for your music...
the melodies in it go rhyming and dancing with my heart.
Thank you for your thoughtful words...
i have it all in my mind to ponder and cherish.
Thank you for your voice...
it's more than a sweet music into my ears.
Thank you for all your shared ideas...
your wisdom echoes down to my soul.
Thank you for your nurturing love...
it keeps me going day by day.

Thank God for all of these...may He truly bless what we just came to know!

***Inspired by tallbaldman..****(naks!todo na'to!;0)