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My sincere apology for all the tags that I wasn't able to answer..but finally this time I'm on an update..

From Gladyz...

Thanks for keeping this ball of friendship rolling tya... sure it will be kept forever, i miss you so..

Am rolling this ball to Krystyna, Ghee , Mommy Ann , Razzberry and Bes.

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Tagging this to Nancy , janice and Bes.


To my bestfriend Del

I know it's been awhile. So much have changed that we haven't got much time at all to talk and laugh about life and things. You have been my best friend since we were in senior high back in high school. And I want you to know that even when things are different now between us, you remain my male best friend ever! I will never forget the last time I sent you a note back in high school telling you that you're the brother I never had. But of course I love my siblings, but you could have completed it, the wonderful feeling of having another knight in you and whom I can laugh and share my emotion with. You who see the crazy thing in me and laugh a lot at me even when I am no longer joking.;0p I guess I really look a clown to you.

I miss you Del. I miss the way we laugh at things together and all the ways that made our friendship extraordinary. Since we went on separate ways after college and that we have to have a life of our own, I want you to know that nothing has changed the way I feel for our friendship. The last time I heard about you was that you are still in pain. After all those years that we haven't stopped and sit down to talk about what's new in each other's life, I never thought that you still carry that pain in your heart. I don't know if I can give you the best advice that a friend could give but just one thing,"Let go of her Del..". I know its hard, but that's the only way you can move on with your life. I have my own share of loses and pains too, even much harder than I could imagine... and so please don't ever think that I dont understand what you are going through. It's been years have passed and you already have a life of your own...and a wonderful wife.You don't deserve to be walking restless because you failed in that one aspect in your life. You have a strong connection with the Lord, I know that and so make use of it. Please don't ever think that I care less because I am often out of your reach. I still think of you and hoping that one day, we'd have our wonderful reunion with the rest of our friends in high school. I want you know that you are still one the best guys in the world for me. And I want you to be happy.Do take good care of yourself always.


A leap ...

It all started from scratch. My first lesson to Chris was all about reading. When my only goal was for him to at least know how to read which is the very basic of education.The following year,his father asked me to have him learn more than his reading lesson by teaching him the basic survival skills.That time,in my mind was a big question mark on how can I ever fulfill that.I have no background on how to teach a special child esp. with regards to SPED or Special Education. And so I invented my own curriculum, made my very own unique lesson planning but still in my mind is a big question mark on how I can make things possible for Chris.

I have already shared here how tedious it has become for us the shoe-lacing session. His mood would really shift like already wanting to give up the entire tutorial session. It was tough. And I even cried out of empathy. If I were him, I wonder if I would react the same way or would I be violent because it's really hard!Sometimes I would forget that he is a special child that I would really impose him the responsibility to really learn the lesson and would even have my voice raised though unconsciously.I swear, there were couple of times when I felt quitting for I can no longer bear the thought of seeing him having a hard time on ordinary task. He has become a part of me. I have learned to understand and appreciate even more the gift of God to mankind which is love and concern for humanity through Chris. But still at the end of our struggle during the learning process, his smile, innocence and sweetness ease away my tension. Chris' simple gestures of kindness always makes me wanna go on and have the positive outlook even when things seem vague and clueless.

But I guess its really true that God make things beautiful, purposeful and fruitful in His time. After all the trying times that Chris and I hurdled together, I now see the fruit of this endeavor. Chris is now a learned individual. He can now go to malls and groceries by himself and buy the stuff that I would ask him to. At first, I was hesitant to let go of him in this very challenging task. But he has to learn. And learning for him means being able to do things his way without depending to other people- it is really a matter of survival.This is the most challenging job for me and a task for Chris because ever since he was a kid he was never out of his family's sight..when someone would always take a look of him wherever he goes. I swear my heart would beat so fast when it would take him longer to be back home when I would give him a task out in the field....but my prayer for his safety is firm. And I'm surprised to have realized that he'd been quick to learn this time. Aside from being able to go out alone, he can prepare his own food, he can count and identify better on money, he can already read sentences even better and most of all he can now tie his shoes almost perfectly.The school year is not yet finished but I am glad that he has almost finished my planned curriculum for him. Maybe by end of this school year,Chris can already have his back to school formal education...because I promised myself that he'll learn before I go into another new phase of my chosen career . Congrats Chris!!! You are always in my heart.

Truly, patience is a virtue. Not actually that of the patience I have for him but more importantly it's Chris patience to learn things for himself. And that in everything, just give your heart in all you do and God crowns your effort with a truly happy face of success!:0)

And so in our every journey...just keep going...for there is truly a promise waiting to come true.


Journey with nature...

'Been on a beach escapade during the holiday season with my family . Don't know how to swim and yet I still love the beach and all the things that surround it.

Covered with thick clouds is the Philippines' highest mountain peak, the "Mt. Apo". The sunbeam was still so high...

About to depart from the island, a thick figure of gray clouds this time covering Mt. Apo...
...ang sarap mag-travel!hehe!It was indeed a good break to sit down for awhile , relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. But life goes on and we have to go back to our ordinary routine.


butterfly and arrow...

I wonder what's in my sister's mind as she took this pic...and then I realize that maybe because nothing in this world is ever of less importance...

hala no?;o)


Count your blessings..

I've been counting the days since my drive to write seems to be hanging steadily in the cloudless sky. I so love to note down my emotions but for days, it seems to me that the forces of nature conspire so I can keep my silence for awhile. As there is a time to be silent and a time to speak, I remain hopeful that I can do the latter soon. I still wanna keep this journey attune so that I can go on sharing some of which might have relevance while some of which were just out of wanting to pour down feelings so that the holding back of emotion wouldn't one day just sparks like thunder when its time to let it go.

My personal encounter with friends and people from different walks of life such as the portrait of a family in their pursuit for happyness, the young lad who hailed a cab, a teacher's personal encounter with her student in the remote area, the young boy at the drive-thru, the young girl's longing for a mom, and even the weeping of an animal for its lost chick- all these bring significant human experiences in all aspects of our life. To look around and realize that we are more than lucky. And all of which taught me one thing- to count my blessings, for none is so rich than the one who knows how to be grateful even on little things.

Isang Mapayapang Bagong Taon po sa inyong lahat!