To my bestfriend Del

I know it's been awhile. So much have changed that we haven't got much time at all to talk and laugh about life and things. You have been my best friend since we were in senior high back in high school. And I want you to know that even when things are different now between us, you remain my male best friend ever! I will never forget the last time I sent you a note back in high school telling you that you're the brother I never had. But of course I love my siblings, but you could have completed it, the wonderful feeling of having another knight in you and whom I can laugh and share my emotion with. You who see the crazy thing in me and laugh a lot at me even when I am no longer joking.;0p I guess I really look a clown to you.

I miss you Del. I miss the way we laugh at things together and all the ways that made our friendship extraordinary. Since we went on separate ways after college and that we have to have a life of our own, I want you to know that nothing has changed the way I feel for our friendship. The last time I heard about you was that you are still in pain. After all those years that we haven't stopped and sit down to talk about what's new in each other's life, I never thought that you still carry that pain in your heart. I don't know if I can give you the best advice that a friend could give but just one thing,"Let go of her Del..". I know its hard, but that's the only way you can move on with your life. I have my own share of loses and pains too, even much harder than I could imagine... and so please don't ever think that I dont understand what you are going through. It's been years have passed and you already have a life of your own...and a wonderful wife.You don't deserve to be walking restless because you failed in that one aspect in your life. You have a strong connection with the Lord, I know that and so make use of it. Please don't ever think that I care less because I am often out of your reach. I still think of you and hoping that one day, we'd have our wonderful reunion with the rest of our friends in high school. I want you know that you are still one the best guys in the world for me. And I want you to be happy.Do take good care of yourself always.


Nance said...

one of the joys in life is having a friend who is always there for each other.
hope you and del will reconnect again someday, ev.

wITChy Boop said...

oh my god.. heavyyy..heavyyy... what happened to DEL? Long time heart problem na yun ah... ang hirap naman yan. The best way we can give to Del is our encouragement to move on in life. To tell him that after all of these stuff, me light pa rin kaya hwag na syang mawalan ng pag-asa. Tutal ipinanganak naman syang di kasama ang girl, nabuhay ng ilang taon na wala pa sya kaya mabubuhay sya ulit even with out her in his life for good. Choice baya natin lagi ang nangyayari sa life natin ha...
Taurus bitaw sya kaya strong yun.... emotionally painful but its not yet the end of him. Believed me, like the two of you (and others too) I also have my share of heartaches... paksheyyt...mahirap ngang i-deal yan... kaya sige na nga... time will heal na lang ang advice ko... hehehe. way klaro. Love you bes. Asa naman ka?
Murag di naman ko nimo LOve? Kamung duha ni Nancy. hahahahahaaa ang drama ko uli kaya? Inis.

ghee said...

a very sweet letter to your friend,Del..i thought ikaw ang reason ng pain nya,hindi pala :)

i hope he feels better na,thats the wonder of real love ano?hard to forget...he doesnt need to forget,he can hold on to it make it his inspiration,to fight,to survive..

ohh,its always easier to say things than do...

hayy...bumubigat ang dibdib ko sa dami ng mga emo blogs na nabasa ko today...well,i hope you have a bright week ahead of you,mah frend!

Happy Monday !!


Gladys said...

ahhhh...basta gugma lagi hisgutan ba, tanan jud ta bugo. Haay na lang..

But kidding aside, letting go is the hardest part to do especially kung gugma jud ka but then i hope (someday) that your friend can do it..its for the best, naa na man siyay asawa. Naa baya'y karma, naay good one and there's also a bad one. And then, what comes around goes around jud.

Lisod baya kay ang pagmahay pirme naa sa ulahi, and the moment you realized the most important things/people in your life...wala na sila. Lisod pud baya kung sobra nga masakitan ang tao kay mu-numb ba unya, kung unsa kadako sa gugma sa una..mao pud kadako ang pagkawala.

Haay buhay...pero pray lang ta that he can surpass this trial..para magmalipayon na iyahang "pamilya".

P.S. naa diay ko'y tag nimo..

krystyna said...

What an amazing frienship you have in your heart! I was touched!
It not often happen.
Thanks for this beautiful lesson.

I tagged you. Take it if you want.
It is here:

ev said...

The hardest thing in falling in love is letting go...but we cannot choose for love to come our way always, we can only make ourself being loved.

ev said...

And i guess the real essence of LOve is giving it even without expecting for much in return.


Gladys said...

sa man ning natotyo man sa last part...hehehe