I am not..

"I am not strong.
I just happened to find reasons why I have to."


Up close with nature..

I have always loved nature. And even if it will take me many times to go back to such place..nothing can change the way I feel for it.

This is not my first but definitely not my last time to be here where God shows so much sign of goodness and abundance.

Here's another one beautiful spot in Samal Island, the Hagimit Falls, that we revisited and that really made my summer a fun-filled adventure.

It was a long however a breathtaking trek, climbing 50 or more steps I guess, in order to get there.

Somehow I am proud that my late grandparents were natives of Samal. Just riding by boat from the city to the island would only take 30 mins.

And as soon as you get to step in the island, you'll then see the nice beaches in a lane. Having able to enjoy already almost all of these nice beaches, I guess this time, it's a different detour exploring this another beauty of nature.

Well, every place has it~ a beauty of its own.
Needless to say but it feels good to be with it, really.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

~Lao Tzu


The Aquinos' plight..

Now that "Noy" is way closer to his summit, my waiting during the election day for almost 4hrs. worth it all. I guess the good thing about him is that i found him to have NO self-vested interest for running in the presidency. But Aquino's fight is not yet over. The real challenge is still to come.

Politics is not just our leaders' plight..we all are taking part of everything that we have become accountable for in the making. We may just stop complaining which governance is better or worst. We may refrain from making our own prejudices because as human, we have never been content. And as a government, there has never been such a thing as "ideal".

But we can do our share instead.