Up close with nature..

I have always loved nature. And even if it will take me many times to go back to such place..nothing can change the way I feel for it.

This is not my first but definitely not my last time to be here where God shows so much sign of goodness and abundance.

Here's another one beautiful spot in Samal Island, the Hagimit Falls, that we revisited and that really made my summer a fun-filled adventure.

It was a long however a breathtaking trek, climbing 50 or more steps I guess, in order to get there.

Somehow I am proud that my late grandparents were natives of Samal. Just riding by boat from the city to the island would only take 30 mins.

And as soon as you get to step in the island, you'll then see the nice beaches in a lane. Having able to enjoy already almost all of these nice beaches, I guess this time, it's a different detour exploring this another beauty of nature.

Well, every place has it~ a beauty of its own.
Needless to say but it feels good to be with it, really.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

~Lao Tzu


Mari said...

Very lovely place, Ev. Thanks for sharing.

And, thanks for putting the portrait I made of you on the side bar.

Keith said...

I love the pictures. This is a beautiful blog

ev said...


I wish I had more adventure to take so I can share them here.hehe!

I love your sketches and works of art..and I am proud to be one of your subjects. Thanks again for that.


Thanks a lot. How are you now? Hope you're a lot better this time. I am glad that you keep going in spite of what you have to go through. And I am pleased that even in this site, you still boost my confidence.:)