Out of Nowhere... I'm in Contemplation..

It's my first day in the office...i mean, my first time to be workin' in this very unholy hour while everybody is in their most convenient sleeping position. Mmm...I don't know if i'd be successful in this challenging task.. Another avenue far from teaching. But all I know is that "no soldier has ever seen defeat before the battle begin".(from helen keller) Nway, there's the music, my resolve when i begin to feel stereotype..no boredom can ever block my passion for music as i too am in my continued search for true luv thru melodies.Y'know music tells my luv story..your luv story..our luv stories.

Minsan naisip ko ninamnam ko na yata lahat ng luv songs and luv stories sa mundo and i would ironically begin to ask myself,"Am i too sadist to feel what do in luv and broken-hearted people feel?". But then along with the hurts and joys that falling inluv brings is a realization later on that experiences are not designed to making us just like couched potatoes waiting to be noticed and picked. But it's making us individual already honed and prepared for the best to come. I would still stick on the idea that things happen for a reason with a worthy cause and a balance purpose. And that from afar there's still this mystery waiting to be unfold.

Sabi nga nila minsan niloloko tayo ng ating sariling nararamdaman. Lalo na kapag magising ka na lang isang araw na wala ka nang nararamdaman para sa isang tao. Like crampled paper, the person we once fell inluv with become out of use. We have the attitude kasi na we always rely on our emotion, we become too impulsive and tend to rush things. We are too impatient to see what's at the far end. ONly because we believe so much in what the heart initially feel than trying to figure out first what it might do us as a person. I admit I am guilty of that.

Like butterflies we have to go thru series of development to become colorful and beautiful. But most often than having greater realization we forget to be like one. Might be too superficial or corny and lousy to be compared to the metamorphosis of what an insect has to go thru than what life does. But then life is best cherished in the simplicity that it brings and from there we can only find real satisfaction. But then that would still depend on the person's personal belief. After all it's not the winning in every trial but it's still being able to smile and appreaciate life inspite.

Everything in this wordl is a risk but then sabi nga nila, "it is better to try and fail than not to try at all", very common but its impact is clear...experience is the best teacher..in all aspect....intellect is just a format...but you can never tell once you're into it...like in fAlling in luV.