i never thought my dog could swim,
i just realized that animals do learn
things instinctively...bahrnee did.


proud of an old friend..

Last thursday, the school where I am currently connected, joined a spelling bee competition with all the participants also coming from both public and private schools. We only have one contestant allowed from each school. And so given the task to coach our participant, I was there to witness myself the event. And there I met familiar faces back in college who are also coaches coming from different schools. But what caught me by surprise was when I saw a very good friend back in high school.

He used to be the sickly and thin guy in our group as there were eleven of us then who used to jam around the school campus, cracked jokes to each other and even made noise that irked-up some of our high school teachers. I was brought back to that high school life when I once again got the chance to meet him, no longer in his sickly and pale look but very much dignified with his formal attire while shaking hands with the head officers of the Davao City Library office. He was the one covering the entire event, taking video and pictures to the participants. Somehow, I know so well some of the not-so-happy moments that my friend went through as a student and a brother to his four siblings. And I was so delighted and proud to see him now very much happy with his career and family.

While I was falling in line to get our participant's badge and number, it was only then when he noticed me as he was the one taking video coverage. I couldn't help but show him my big grin at that instance as he too was grinning at me in a distance. We waited for like and hour to start the activity. Sitting quietly in one corner, I noticed my friend walking into my direction. We have not yet said our lines and yet we were already both laughing at each other as if we were back to the old times. He was teasing me for being there and so was I to him. I also teased him with his formal attire however congratulating him for being successful in his chosen field.

We all really have our own fair of chances and luck in life like that of my good old friend if only we don't give up to trials. His struggles back then were his steps to become who he is now. Congrats my friend! For sure the rest of our high school friends are also proud of you. Speed on!:)


stopping by my blog on a late night...

only to say (with my tired hands and poor penmanship),

however, i am reminded by the line that that goes.."work as if you're the highest paid."aha!:)

i can only hope that it's all worth it.