God bless Camiguin..

" Life is a journey because everything that is in it... is worth travelling."

Camiguin Island, Philippines


"The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not Want."

A Blessed Sunday!:)


How's your tax?

One of the recent complains I heard from fellow worker upon getting her salary slip was the her increasing amount of tax deduction. This was not clearly explained to us though. However, we have the right to know why and we are free to ask the company we work for. In some part of the world, perhaps we hear the same complain. The increasingly salary deduction due to increased amount of tax payment to the government. While we are pleased to share a portion of our hard earned money to the government's project, still we claim that at least, for a reasonable cost. In most countries, they have beautiful and wide cemented roads and bridges. This is due to the higher portion of tax collected by the government to all workers. As citizen, we are obliged to follow policy. We see the result. In fact, they are very good. With regards to queries regarding your tax, it is surprising to note that irs tax extension form can now be available online. Wow! Look what can the technology does nowadays. There are even income tips that will help you solve your problem with taxes should you wish to lessen or avail deductions to your taxes. Stop thinking how you could possibly do them for online technology will make them easy for you. Start your query now and worry no more. :)


"I just want to thank YOU for each rise of the sun.."


wedding gowns

One of the most momentous events in one's life is to be walking in the aisle with the one you love as you exchange vows for love. But the preparations will need to be given much effort as we all want our moment at least close to perfect. As a bride, though  I prefer it to be simple yet meaningful, still I would choose to wear something that will make me the most beautiful at that very moment. Oh yeah!To dream the impossible dream, but I believe in will power and in God's will. Anyway, there are lots to choose from nowadays as we can just surf them online. I found red bridesmaid dresses so glamorous for bridesmaids. This reminds me of one movie I once saw when the bridesmaids walked in aisle. The bride's beauty and her gown simply transients to the beauties around her. I was once every bride's choice for a maid (lol!), well I hope someday soon, I can choose my own and maybe this one will help. :)

A blessed Saturday, God bless.


slideshow for you

Last year, I made compilation of my files from paper works to files and photos of previews events I attended. Though I find it cool, still I need an area or anything convenient where I can organize them altogether. Of course, my compilation includes the events and places I just visited within the year. It's always nice to see things in proper places and order. They're easy to locate too. I want my personal captures in place. I find joy in having them gathered together. Last year, I tried making slideshows of photos I gathered from the series of events, like family and social gathering, however, when I start to view them from time to time, I felt like the loading ate most of my time.

This time, I want them something new like jquery slideshow , that will help me make my slideshows more quick to download because it is user friendly. The features are customized too. I sure would recommend this to my friends who love to make their captured memories all in one beautiful and organized show.

Happy Weekend!Ciao!:)


dear God...

I see it slowly coming true in your perfect time. Bless that I may have enough courage to face another stage in my life. Only in you that I find solace as I take each moment with hope and a persevering heart and mind..bless not only my personal wants but mostly, that which you plan for me. God, forgive my shortcomings as I try to be worthy Christian. Guide my decisions and let my waiting be worth it all. Amen.


Father and Son

It's not time to make a change,
Just relax, take it easy.
You're still young, that's your fault,
There's so much you have to know.
Find a girl, settle down,
If you want you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.

I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy,
To be calm when you've found something going on.
But take your time, think a lot,
Why, think of everything you've got.
For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

How can I try to explain, cause when I do it turns away again.
It's always been the same, same old story.
From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen.
Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.
I know I have to go.

It's not time to make a change,
Just sit down, take it slowly.
You're still young, that's your fault,
There's so much you have to go through.
Find a girl, settle down,
if you want, you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.

All the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside,
It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it.
If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them they know not me.
Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.
I know I have to go.



Express yourself with emoticons

Some years back, when I was still ignorant to computer, I was content finding a very good friend enjoying her games online, even the chatting she was once used to almost everyday with her friends in the virtual world. While I found joy in watching her typing the keyboard, I saw how fun the emoticons she used each time. Well, it's okay to be cool. :P

The 21st century already gives rise to all kinds of gadgets that even I myself will have to keep pace. The fun thing in it is that there are lots of things that you'll still get to enjoy for free. As it is my turn this time to enjoy the latest technology, just as how my good friend back then used to, I thought of something exciting that free emoticons can offer. While I freely express my different emotions I also get to freely enjoy myemoticons.com   and how cool these emoticons make me feel. Oh yeah! I feel like a child again. Well, just savor the thing of the youth. Every inch of life is a gift.

So, express yourself! A blessed weekend. :)

Improving my outdoor

I've always believed that I am an artist. Even when I was still a child, I've always wanted to put a touch of art to my works whether in school or some tasks my older sisters and mom asked me to do. Even when our house was very little, still, I always wanted things to be orderly and in place artistically from the position of our dining set to the couch in the living room. But my interest to designing things my very way didn't end there. As I grow old, I continue to think in mind how things around me back home are supposed to be in place. Not that I am obsessive compulsive, I just simply love to do home chores by doing improvement on my own.

This time, I thought of a wonderful project for home design. I thought of improving my lawn. This might help me in my outlook on how my outdoors might appear to be. And so I thought of industries that will help me for a synthetic turf  to improve my outdoor. The idea is not only to meet my satisfaction for home beautification but I wish this might also help all my neighborhood. Maybe I can share this bright idea. But of course will have to make sure that turf installers are experienced enough. I know there are a lot of  the best direct installers around. In this present time, experts have been cropping up. And they'll help me realize what I've just envisioned to my home. :)


Shifting gear through K-12

While I think of today as my holiday off enjoying Philippine Independence day, I promise that I will not let my coming busy days pass by, not being able to divulge how I feel about the K-12 curriculum in my country.

I was a late bloomer. Everything about my life didn't come in fast pace as some of the people I once envied. My childhood days were perfectly smooth back when computer was yet borne to the heart of many. My teenage years were filled with happy memories, given the chances to meet wonderful people who are now living life their own apart from me. And of course, I must slowly learn to face reality in my younger years. Change, being the only constant thing in this world, taught me about life. My school days, almost half my entire life, were things I continue to cherish and be thankful for. Poverty didn't hinder my heroes (my parents) from letting us enjoy education. And though I have only a single page to say about lovelife, as part of growing up, I have but very few regrets, however, for this entry, I choose not to spoil.(which should have been even more interesting to read or know for some, instead of seriously focusing on K-12..well, lol).

Now, what is K-12 curriculum? The higher education simply said, "it's another best way to elevate the educational system of my country, in order for our learners to be even more globally competitive." As I believe that there is no aim borne without purpose, still I am confident that as educators, we are not being misled on this.  However, it is but a normal reaction that as human, we become at first hesitant to start anew. Sometimes we are so afraid to shift gear because we are already clouded with negative thoughts and emotions as to how this might be implemented and will even succeed without putting our learners' future at risk. Sometimes in life, we learn one thing at a time.. and for this- "just TRUST".

There is never a perfect first time. The first time you go to school as a child was scary, thinking you are out of your parent's pampering hands and sight.  The first time you take a test, might have filled you with fear, although hoping you will make it. Even the first time everyone of us fall in love, fear never left our sides. But as an old cliche said, "the biggest risk in life is not to risk at all", I think it's about time that we risk in order reach a certain goal.

This is not to dwell verbatim on K-12 curriculum per se mandated by our Department of Education, but this just to air my view why we must yield to a thing called "change". Everyone of us has the right to our own logical way of thinking. I still respect how parents and even educators thought of this curriculum more so of an additional load to struggling parents just to send their children to school. Or to us educators, knowing we are never sure how our ends for this might justify our means. But if we will not start today, then when?

For this 21st century, where everything around just seem perfectly a big competition, the feeling of survival of the fittest, and most of all the downfall of moral values everywhere, our learners need us today.

I say, other than feeling anxious about this K-12, I think the only biggest experiment that everybody may have been facing nowadays, where we continue to experiment, having no school --is Parenting. And so, it's about time, we help parents reaching their dreams for their children through K-12.

May God bless us all..

Ciao! Got to enjoy the holiday off now. Tomorrow is another day. :)

Get your Driver License Written Tests now!

I remember a friend once telling me her struggle on learning how to drive. It wasn't easy as thought, she said. As driving needs physical skill, it must also need enough knowledge about the do's and don'ts. Only that, in most part of the globe, you will need hundred pages to read  a dmv handbook  in order to pass the test. Having said that fact, in this busy world where almost everybody around has no longer enough  time to sit down to contemplate and read a hard-bound handbook, one will need to look for easy way out and yet learned still. 

How to simplify things? Not as complex as online courses offered to pass the driving test and not as expensive as it appears to be in order to learn perfectly well. In this fast pacing 21st century, we continue to keep ourselves abreast of what's latest and what time will likely save for us. If there's easy way to learn a thing, we normally grab the opportunity in order to save time and even money. The good thing about latest technology and us, virtual learners, is that we find means to meet our ends so that we continue to grow in different aspects in life. This is not a closure to old ways about learning with the help of hard-bound manuals or books but just an appraisal as we face trends that somehow in turn, help us to be competitive while the rest of the world is leading to the complexity of the present time.

As long as it will not do us harm, of course, we learn to swing with time.

Ciao! A blessed day!:)


diet recipes

I love food!Who wouldn't?:))

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my mother in our little kitchen, so busy preparing our meal. My mom is a great cook. But sad to say, even now, I haven't got mom's talent in cooking. However, I am still willing to learn even more. They say learning how to cook doesn't need talent, just the ability and the willingness  to learn. Everything can be learned by passion. Nowadays, I notice that there are many who enroll into culinary courses. Of course, putting up restaurant or food chain is a very good business. But aside from that, many famous restaurants around the globe are now making culinary experts in demand. 

Hence, what makes other food chains known to many customers is the kind of food being served. While we crave for fatty food and those that will satiate our stomach regardless of whether it is good for our health or not, still it's a big factor that we have to be cautious with our food intake. It is very important that restaurants everywhere should also serve slow carb diet recipes especially for the health conscious ones and also for the older ones. 

Sure thing I will try diet recipes in my cooking. Our health will always be our wealth and I so believe in that saying. 


"Never put an end to your journey though your loses may double your winnings in life. Find hope in each waking day and endure along with time,so that at the end of the day..you will have story to tell, not just your story... but OUR story."


Your dream wedding

They say year 2012 is the best year for marriage. I couldn't agree less on this for the part of the Chinese since it is the year of the dragon. However, for whatever reason and for whatever race, I still believe that the best luck for marriage is still within the hands of each couple. Now the thought of settling down can be both an exciting and trembling feeling. Well, "trembling" might be an understatement for couple who just couldn't wait to have each other finally together in one roof though. But the feeling of wanting a wedding event at least closed to perfect, that's where trembling comes in (lol!). 

Believe it or not, just last night, I dreamt of a wedding event. I don't know why. Maybe it's just a reminder for me start rambling my thoughts here about getting married. Well, for sure not for my part, at this time, though!lol! But then perhaps, I can contribute to friends who thought of settling down. For most couples, they prefer a beach wedding or a garden wedding, other than the traditional church wedding, for most Christians or Catholics. But I guess Estate Weddings & Events can also be a very good option. This is actually a definitely unique idea in this present time, the venue is also a perfect place for luxury retreats to choose from for the married couple. Well, wedding bell is just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And so, we all want it a memorable one. Surely, you already have your dream wedding in mind but after this contemplation , perhaps you'll realize there's more to the dream you dream of. Have a blessed Sunday!



Clearing my vision

For years, I've endured the thought that I could very well work on my paper works without my glasses on. I remember my eye doctor once telling me never to remove my glasses. That was my first purchase of my eyeglasses, when my astigmatism hit me few years back. However, I felt like my eyeglasses didn't fit my younger days then. I guess it had something to do with my choice for a design. And I had it removed from time to time and used only when situation called. But years went by, I slowly felt the need to purchase another eyeglasses especially now that I've been reading most of my spare time. Thus, I  went back for an eye consultation to see how my vision is after years of no longer wearing glasses. Most of us may want stylish eyeglasses, something that would at least make us trendy in a way. And so I tried search for something that would make me looking not too genius for an old woman (lol!). For most of us, we thought that wearing eyeglasses would only make us mature looking. However, you can choose for stylish eyeglasses that are perfectly designed or crafted for your age. You can look for something classy but the price is just right. Every one of us has the right to a perfect vision at least to see how even beautiful life is without having the feeling of inconvenience to eyesight. There a  lot of existing eyecrafters everywhere to help give you better vision for a reasonable price. Now, I feel even more comfortable having my eyeglasses on from time to time.

Well, literally, my eyeglasses help a lot in clearing my vision..and hopefully (metaphorically) will give me a clearer vision about the things I wish to pursue in life.:)


My story is OUR story...

The thought of having these experiences put into record got me into mixed emotions. It seems to me that my thoughts and words altogether are just hard to contain. In all my years, the city life has made me who I was and how I have become.But just when I thought this is what living is all about..I see that there is more to the unknown waiting for time to help me unfold.
It is not mere luck but hard work. It is not by chance that you get to travel far and see what's at the far end but looking back, it was how you painstakingly endure the many loses you have to encounter in life before you get to think of winning. 

It is to have made your self realized first your weakness before you think of how actually strong you are as a person.  My story is nothing far different from your story. In one way or another, we can relate to a life that is filled with wonders and surprises.

I am in awe  with how God leads my life in spite of my imperfections.

I never thought that my years would make me the person not even my family thought of me to be. And that once an introvert person, so content to take the backseat, afraid to speak ...now leading me to a post where I have to be still and conquer stage fright because I choose this profession.

I once told my students, "You may not be able to save the entire human race from hunger, poverty, or from restlessness, but then at least you can save one soul. Dream and inspire a free-spirited soul." And then who knows, you might make a difference.

Actually, emotera ko karon, ing-ani lang gyud siguro ang feeling inig madungagan ang edad..;P

Back to my journey..God bless everyone!


Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!
May we truly live the kind of life that Jesus wants us to be.
God bless us in this journey called "Life".



The budding..

The blooming...

"They season beautifully in TIME...just as YOU do.
 Because you are HIS CREATION..
and you're WONDERFULLY made."


the gift

how vast is thy gift of nature..
..how little I am!"


The Death of Romance

I would like to share this excerpt from "OUr Daily Journey"...such a beautiful message addressed to the newly wed from a concern parent...and here it goes....

"You have now reached the time when your romance must die. In fact, it is necessary for romance to die in order that love may live and grow. Think of it this way: Your wedding marks the day when you plant the seed of romance. Romance is important;but it is not love itself;it is the seed of love-the seed of married love.

" Romance is a collection of pleasant emotions that come naturally with the anticipation of spending life together with the one you love. It is healthy and natural for you to have visions about the house in the suburbs, cuddly babies, and walks in the autumn woods with your perfectly lovable children skipping through the leaves.

"Yes, those times do indeed come- but they are mostly unplanned. And the moment will come when the pleasant emotions of romance are scattered by the winds of reality:burdensome car payments, orthodontist bills, sick babies wailing in the night, children fighting on the lawn and quarrels between the two of you. Then the towering flame of romance will dwindle- and sometimes even appear to be gone. The one you say you love has become unlovely. For a fleeting moment you allow the thought to cross your mind, " Do I really love him- Do I really love her- anymore? Is our love gone?"

" Don't you believe it! Its is at that moment when romance finally germinates into genuine love and begins to grow. On those days when it seems that nothing is left of your relationship but commitment,that is when God can teach you the great lesson that few people seem to understand: Love is not an emotion;it is an act if will. You are not declaring to everyone present today that you are "in love" but then you are now making a willful commitment " to love".

Remember, your marriage can never be threatened by the loss of love, only by the loss of your personal commitment to love."---Dean Ohlman



Looking for trees to perch but seems to find none...

Got these little birds one morning from my room's window pane..used to see them before I head for work every morning...not a good shot though, but I love hear them chirping.


to dust..

"By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground,
 for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”
Today is Ash Wednesday.



Just when you almost stop believing in your self, still there are occasions and people that will help you realize that you are after all worth it. And that it's still worth your while. Thanks for the confidence kids..I'll sure forever hold them all in my heart.
May God continue to bless our journey together.


a sixth grader and me

I was busy working on a pile of paperworks when all of a sudden, my sixth grader came to me asking about something out of the blue.

"Sensei, you are in the middle of the street with your boyfriend on your right side while your ex-boyfriend is on your left side. It is your wedding day and you are already 30mins. late on your wedding. Suddenly, someone somewhere in the area wants to shoot you. When he pulls the trigger, your ex-boyfriend runs quickly to protect you and so bullet hits him before it reaches you. Now, my question is, you are already 30 minutes late to your wedding day. Where would you go? To your ex-boyfriend or to your boyfriend who will soon to be your husband?"

Well then my answer was quick. I would try to save my ex-boyfriend's life first coz' the wedding can wait. He smiled at me. I asked if I answered him right. He just nodded and left.

It took me a moment to stop from what I was doing for a while and reflect on the situation that my student presented on me. I know that the depth of my answer wasn't there. When the central idea that goes with it is to whom must a woman give her love instead or who among these men can give much of his self.

Talking about love in deeper sense, at times I feel like I don't have the right at all. It seems to me that it's just too profound among all other words in the dictionary, easy to give but hard to contain when tested. Every one of us has million of ways to define love yet all these million ways meet the same ends- that "you + me= us or we". And when it is already a matter of heart, we become the strongest in our weakest or the other way around.

Well, just one thing, I believe that in life and in love, we all are winners, regardless. We are born to give love and it naturally bounces back just when you don't realize..even when you thought your heart is broken. It's just there. We can only learn from it and then again believe.

Thanks for reading. :)