Shifting gear through K-12

While I think of today as my holiday off enjoying Philippine Independence day, I promise that I will not let my coming busy days pass by, not being able to divulge how I feel about the K-12 curriculum in my country.

I was a late bloomer. Everything about my life didn't come in fast pace as some of the people I once envied. My childhood days were perfectly smooth back when computer was yet borne to the heart of many. My teenage years were filled with happy memories, given the chances to meet wonderful people who are now living life their own apart from me. And of course, I must slowly learn to face reality in my younger years. Change, being the only constant thing in this world, taught me about life. My school days, almost half my entire life, were things I continue to cherish and be thankful for. Poverty didn't hinder my heroes (my parents) from letting us enjoy education. And though I have only a single page to say about lovelife, as part of growing up, I have but very few regrets, however, for this entry, I choose not to spoil.(which should have been even more interesting to read or know for some, instead of seriously focusing on K-12..well, lol).

Now, what is K-12 curriculum? The higher education simply said, "it's another best way to elevate the educational system of my country, in order for our learners to be even more globally competitive." As I believe that there is no aim borne without purpose, still I am confident that as educators, we are not being misled on this.  However, it is but a normal reaction that as human, we become at first hesitant to start anew. Sometimes we are so afraid to shift gear because we are already clouded with negative thoughts and emotions as to how this might be implemented and will even succeed without putting our learners' future at risk. Sometimes in life, we learn one thing at a time.. and for this- "just TRUST".

There is never a perfect first time. The first time you go to school as a child was scary, thinking you are out of your parent's pampering hands and sight.  The first time you take a test, might have filled you with fear, although hoping you will make it. Even the first time everyone of us fall in love, fear never left our sides. But as an old cliche said, "the biggest risk in life is not to risk at all", I think it's about time that we risk in order reach a certain goal.

This is not to dwell verbatim on K-12 curriculum per se mandated by our Department of Education, but this just to air my view why we must yield to a thing called "change". Everyone of us has the right to our own logical way of thinking. I still respect how parents and even educators thought of this curriculum more so of an additional load to struggling parents just to send their children to school. Or to us educators, knowing we are never sure how our ends for this might justify our means. But if we will not start today, then when?

For this 21st century, where everything around just seem perfectly a big competition, the feeling of survival of the fittest, and most of all the downfall of moral values everywhere, our learners need us today.

I say, other than feeling anxious about this K-12, I think the only biggest experiment that everybody may have been facing nowadays, where we continue to experiment, having no school --is Parenting. And so, it's about time, we help parents reaching their dreams for their children through K-12.

May God bless us all..

Ciao! Got to enjoy the holiday off now. Tomorrow is another day. :)


Shoshana said...

I think it's a good idea. Give the kids a chance to grow...but I wonder, can the public education handle the expense?

ev said...

Sosh,I think the public is trying its best..now it's already a policy not to collect a single centavo from the student's miscellanious. Our government has budget just that, corrupt people are everywhere.