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Last year, I made compilation of my files from paper works to files and photos of previews events I attended. Though I find it cool, still I need an area or anything convenient where I can organize them altogether. Of course, my compilation includes the events and places I just visited within the year. It's always nice to see things in proper places and order. They're easy to locate too. I want my personal captures in place. I find joy in having them gathered together. Last year, I tried making slideshows of photos I gathered from the series of events, like family and social gathering, however, when I start to view them from time to time, I felt like the loading ate most of my time.

This time, I want them something new like jquery slideshow , that will help me make my slideshows more quick to download because it is user friendly. The features are customized too. I sure would recommend this to my friends who love to make their captured memories all in one beautiful and organized show.

Happy Weekend!Ciao!:)

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Ash said...

Great! Have a nice weekend!