Express yourself with emoticons

Some years back, when I was still ignorant to computer, I was content finding a very good friend enjoying her games online, even the chatting she was once used to almost everyday with her friends in the virtual world. While I found joy in watching her typing the keyboard, I saw how fun the emoticons she used each time. Well, it's okay to be cool. :P

The 21st century already gives rise to all kinds of gadgets that even I myself will have to keep pace. The fun thing in it is that there are lots of things that you'll still get to enjoy for free. As it is my turn this time to enjoy the latest technology, just as how my good friend back then used to, I thought of something exciting that free emoticons can offer. While I freely express my different emotions I also get to freely enjoy myemoticons.com   and how cool these emoticons make me feel. Oh yeah! I feel like a child again. Well, just savor the thing of the youth. Every inch of life is a gift.

So, express yourself! A blessed weekend. :)

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