Lately,I've been battling with my relationship with my students. I found myself in a situation wherein I have to be even more strong for them. Seeing my young girl student so anxious with her low academic performance, teary-eyed when she could hardly memorize a piece, banging her head and slapping her face believing that her dullness makes her feel stupid. While, my young boy, so confident with his academic perfomance believing that he's always right until we'd heated into an argument. He has become so at ease with his relationship with me that would sometimes lead him to unknowingly show signs of disrespect. And it's tough... For quite some years I have been dealing with children of different personalities... but this has been my first time to have felt less effective in dealing with kids not academically but emotionally. Children nowadays have grown to be defiant and aggressive about almost everything...and it's when we have to be even more understanding for them.

I often hear people say that the most important and even hard things in all forms of relationship are faithfulness and honesty. Well I say,let's include tolerance. But I also say that it's hard...because tolerance includes accepting the most unacceptable characteristics of the one you love. It's when you realize that you have to bear with another person's temper without completely losing your sense of pride as a person. You realize that you can never change the way he/she is according to what's simply comfortable and ideal for you...all because along with loving entails sacrifice, and along with this sacrifice entails genuine feelings for people. We simply don't tolerate people we care for, we impose discipline..but then after all's been said and done..you will go back to the same old rule....i tell you...because you value these people...because you love your wife or husband..because you love your kids...because you love your friends..because you love...you learn to tolerate because that's what loving your relationship with people tells you to.


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aba!aba!ang ang batang ire!kinarer na ata ang pagta-tag!hala sige!try natin...,kung di ko lang labs mga batang 'to di ko talaga gagawin to eh...di ko kinaya mga tanong...pang-showbiz akalain mo....

1. Flashing your smile to someone you don’t want to see.`
aba!di ko yata ma-imagine tanong na 'to ah!ang weird ata.. ayaw ko makita eh!
2. Bringing back the feeling you’ve learned to forget. `
mmm...learned to forget na eh, posible pala yun?
3. Showing that you care.
`ay sus!no probs!..
4. Finding a way to mend a broken heart.
tayo lang makakatulong sa sarili natin...cant live forever in an empty hope..but gotta learn to forgive first dun sa nakasakit sayo..para may peace of mind tayo.
5. Learning that you’ve been used by someone you truly love.
hmmm....painful pero, ika nga, mas mabuti ng ikaw ang nasaktan kesa
ikaw ang nakasakit!naks!bait ko!;0
6. saying "i love you” when you mean it and when you don’t
nalito ako ah...mmm...when i mean it, i say it, but not when i dont...tama ba intyende ko?
7. Letting go of a person you’ve just learned to love.`
epppsss...that's the most painful realization in falling in luv.
8. Realizing that you love somebody you’ve just taken for granted.
ako ang na-te-take for granted eh...huhhuhu!;(
9. Realizing that you love the person you’ve just broken up with.
ay sinabi mo pa!!kung may mas sobra pa sa hold on...hold on talaga ako...
pero kung beyond salvation na eh, wala na tayo magagawa nyan!face it na lang...
10. Waiting for promises you know he/she will never keep.
11. Loving someone who loves somebody else.
haayyy...this is pathetic!
12. Reminiscing the good times you shared together.
i do.....
13. Shielding your heart to love somebody.
di mo masasabi eh...kahit itago mo feelings mo, it will still show anyhow.
14. Trying to hide what you really feel.
so far nasasabi ko naman...sa taong mahal ko talaga, para no regret na in the end.
15. Having a commitment w/ someone that you know would not last.`
when you go for a commitment, there are really uncertainties if mag-last nga ba o hindi but then,for two people too in luv, willing kayo to take the risk di ba?
16. Trying to hide the tears that involuntarily fall from your eyes.
many times....its tough...ang sakit sa lalamunan oi!
17. Sharing the one you love w/ someone else.
kung bf mo na yun..ay naku, that's absurdity!
18. Loving a person too much.
guilty me...
19. Giving up someone you never thought of giving up.
haayyy..kakaloka ang mga tanong na'to gladz!i give up na ata ako!;0
20. Falling in love for the first time.
sa isang taong di ko man lang nakita at nahawakan....and i still wonder what mystery lies behind that.
21. Loving someone you haven’t seen.
eto na!at first i was very apprehensive and even cynical bout this thing, i must admit...but when it happened to me...i was ah..er..uh! totoo pala...
22. Having the right love at the wrong time.
` wala atang right love at the wrong time pag puso na ang tumibok..
23. Exerting effort to make the relationship last or work.
i hope i did.....
24. Not being appreciated when you know you’ve given your best.
25. Taking the risk to fall in love again .
when you've learned to move on......
26. Hiding your relationship from someone else.
i'm proud of him...theres no reason to hide.
27. Controlling your feelings to avoid hurting a friend.
ayyy oo...
28. Choosing between 2 persons whom you really love.
so far, certain naman ako sa feelings ko for 1 man, kaya di kelangan mamili...
29. Finding out that you can never have the person you just let go of back.
:0(...(gladz babatokan na kita!di ko na kaya to..)
30. Seeing the person you love with someone else.
infidelity it means?mmm....i'll talk to him straight...its hard to let go, but its much harder to remain with the one who already stop loving you...

...there's just one person that i wanna tag...and its razzy!take it girl!;0)


"IT" me!! Tagged by ghee...

How often do you blog?
At least once a week...as much as my mind works.

Online Alias:

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
Yes...and its a wonderful feeling...they dont know me either but they saw the deed..and that is enough.

What do you do most often when you are bored?
I listen to classical music..i sing with the song...i really love music...it soothes my emotion...and then i get to sleep.

When bathing, which do you wash first?
Oh!let me try notice it tonight...;0

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
nope....though i'm insomiac.
i'd probably be as good as dead if that happen.

What color looks best on you?

What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
bata pa po akoh!;0....bawal daw ang serbesa sabi ng lola!;0
really..i dont drink.

Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?
I believe in heaven but i'm not sure about hell...maybe there is hell.

Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends?
Well, for sure i have more offline friends than online.

What was your favorite subject in school?
English and Philippine Literature

Are you a perfectionist?
No...nobody's perfect.

Do you spend more than you can afford?
i cant afford most often....so how can i spend?!nyahahaha!

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?
Of course!We can never buy experience.

Do you consider yourself creative?

Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?
We all deserve that...we dont just exist..we LIVE!

Do you donate time or money to charities?
yes...share your blessings.

Have you recently done something yourself that you've criticized others for doing?
I dont remember any.

What's on your mind right now?
hmmm....i am thinking of replacing GMA in her presidency!;0

Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you .....
ghee..is a wonderful friend..though i only know her online here at blogger but i know she's a true person...she's baliw sometimes esp. with the way she'd joke at me...but i like the friendship that she's offering me..i feel so blessed..thanks ghee!..we rarely find true friends online..but i found a jewel in ghee.

But i guess this time..i wont tag anyone...blangko po talaga utak ko habang
ginagawa ko ito..pasensya na..;0


A bird's-eye-view.....

Medyo maulan nung isang gabi nang pauwi na ako ng bahay mula work. Habang lihim akong naupo sa jipney, siksikan naman ang iba dahil sa hirap makasakay pag maulan ang panahon. Pagdaan ng jipney sa may Ateneo University, isang lalaki in his early teen ang biglang sumakay sa sinasakyan ko. Nakaupo naman sya sa aking harapan kaya nakikita ko bawat galaw nya. May bitbit syang mga makakapal na libro at isang plastik na organizer. I know he is a student of the said university. Gwapo at mukhang galing naman sa isang may kayang pamilya dahil sa kanyang porma...payatot nga lang. Napapansin ko, later on na para bang nahihirapan sya sa dami ng kanyang dala. He looked uncomfortable on his seat. Nang makarating na kami ng medyo kalayuan, para naman syang hindi mapakali sa kanyang pagkakaupo..nahihirapan talaga sya sa dami ng kanyang bitbit.

Hangga't later on, meron ako napupuna sa kakaiba nyang kilos. Isang konklusyon ang nabuo sa isip ko. Medyo kulang sya sa kanyang pag-iisip. In short, he is a special child. But I'm surprised dahil pumapasok sya sa isang normal at malaking unibersidad. I saw him so dedicated with his study. Nakita ko in just one instance na seryoso sya sa kanyang pag-aaral kung paano nya hawak-hawak na pagkaingat-ingat ang makakpal na libro nyang dala. Dun na nabuo ang konklusyon sa isip ko about the young boy nung nagsalita na sya na bababa na sya habang kinakausap ang konduktor. Nang makababa na sya, hinabol ko sya ng tingin, nang biglang may isang kotseng muntik ng bumangga sa kanya sa kanyang pagtawid sa kalsada..hindi ko alam pero kinabahan ako sa pangyayari. Buti na lang at agad nakahinto ang kotse at sya'y pinatawid.

Sa araw-araw kong pagsakay ng jipney, walang sandali na walang kapwa ko pasahero na hindi estudyante. Kadalasan talaga ay mga estudyante ngunit bihira lang ako makakita ng may bitbit na libro. We know how important education is. Pero napapansin ko sa mga kabataan ngayon ay parang kaunti na lang ang nagseseryoso sa kanilang pag-aaral. Madalas ay laman sila ng mga internet cafe at naglalaro lamang kung tutuusin. Pero heto ang isang medyo di normal, na mas nakikitaan ko pa ng interes sa pag-aaral. Kung sanay mas normal ang batang iyon, nasisiguro kong mas malayo pa ang maabot nito. That he is not far from reaching his goal and dream in life.

"Education is what we can only have that no one can take away from us." 'Yan lang ang kayamanan na pwede nating ipagmalaki sa ating mga magulang na nagpapakapagod upang mabigyan tayo ng magandang kinabukasan. Sanay pahalagahan natin ito...katulad ng nakita kong pagpapahalaga ng batang lalaki sa kanyang dalang libro with pride,na kaharap ko sa jipney nung isang gabi.


Truth or Dare?

This is what Jared(my level 3 preschool smartest tutee) and I used to play right after our tutorial session. A game where the kid would himself excitedly spin the pen and if it points at either of us, one will get to do the consequence. And little did i realize that what we do is not just to bring excitement out of the boring hour of our tutorial session but also to know how far can i go and enjoy the game with a six-year-old boy whose main goal of playing the game is not only for us to have fun together but to let me do the consequence often and even choose "truth" instead of "dare" for me. After which he would tell me, "teach, i dare you to buy ice cream stick for me!". Truly, kids are fun to be with even when they go vey self-centered most often.

At some point in our life, we are faced with this kind of instance when we come to ask ourself , will i go for "truth" of for "dare"? If you were to choose your consequence, what would you choose? The truth that might make you sad or happy to have realized?or just to dare act out a thing to play safe? I must admit, even if its only a game with a kid, i also fear that out of his weird imagination, the boy might ask me something i might not be ready for an answer. While if i go for "dare", i can just go run to a nearby store and have him the candy that he's asking for.

Isn't it that as adult, we appear to be actually even more funny than kids?Well, i am. They're outspoken and carefree and we are the reserved ones. Simply because out of it all, we know inside of us that all of the truths about life is more than our only capacity to answer a kid...because he's just a kid, and for now he might not understand if i'll speak more of the truth out of his very own simple curiosity about something. Pero sabi nga, lahat ng bata ay may karapatan to know everything around him. Di nga ba kapag ampon ang isang bata, nahihirapan ang ibang magulang sabihin ang totoo dahil mas natatakot ang magulang for them? Well I am not an adopted child, but what i am trying to assimilate is just the fact that sometimes, we rather want to go with the flow, deal with life's everyday consequences than trying to figure out all the truth that it brings.

Sabi nga ni lojik, hindi naman mahalagang malaman natin lahat ng rason tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay,minsan go ka na lang.. and its true! What matters after all is that even when you feel like you already sink in when things are too much for you to bear, never forget to stay afloat still. After all, you can't go swim alone in the vastness of the acean if nothing sustains you from within. Whatever it is, whether you go for "truth" or "dare"...remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Go..look at the clouds for sometimes out of your hurly-burly busy day, and you'll realize that truly, "you are not alone..".


The passionate shepherd to his love.....

I think of you daily
Visions of our future flash before
I can see the future in the present
And I am thankful that God made you

Our paths crossed
Our souls connected
And our hearts loved

You are to me that which no other can be
The essence of beauty
The personification of loveliness

You are my treasure
That rare find that all men seek
I will love you in every way
With all that is within me
Until God himself calls our name

I Love You...
You are the Love of My Life


The nymph's reply to the shepherd.....

Because of you i feel even more secure,
for what is my heart for without someone to help me give it all.

Because of you i see life even more of reasons to live for,
for what good is one's existence without having one he can call his own.

Because of you i have lots of realization,for what is the mind's imaginings without having able to realize and make them real.

Because of you, i know even more what inner and genuine beauty is,
for what is beautiful is not just seen nor touched but truly felt by the heart.

Now i know what God has promised...and it's all because of YOU!

****** wonderful memories that will be cherished till the end of time....******

.....along with it is a soulful music..... truly a moment that lives on.

Today is my first year in blogger....naks!who would thought na one year na ako in this journey...daghang salamat to all my readers!!!