Truth or Dare?

This is what Jared(my level 3 preschool smartest tutee) and I used to play right after our tutorial session. A game where the kid would himself excitedly spin the pen and if it points at either of us, one will get to do the consequence. And little did i realize that what we do is not just to bring excitement out of the boring hour of our tutorial session but also to know how far can i go and enjoy the game with a six-year-old boy whose main goal of playing the game is not only for us to have fun together but to let me do the consequence often and even choose "truth" instead of "dare" for me. After which he would tell me, "teach, i dare you to buy ice cream stick for me!". Truly, kids are fun to be with even when they go vey self-centered most often.

At some point in our life, we are faced with this kind of instance when we come to ask ourself , will i go for "truth" of for "dare"? If you were to choose your consequence, what would you choose? The truth that might make you sad or happy to have realized?or just to dare act out a thing to play safe? I must admit, even if its only a game with a kid, i also fear that out of his weird imagination, the boy might ask me something i might not be ready for an answer. While if i go for "dare", i can just go run to a nearby store and have him the candy that he's asking for.

Isn't it that as adult, we appear to be actually even more funny than kids?Well, i am. They're outspoken and carefree and we are the reserved ones. Simply because out of it all, we know inside of us that all of the truths about life is more than our only capacity to answer a kid...because he's just a kid, and for now he might not understand if i'll speak more of the truth out of his very own simple curiosity about something. Pero sabi nga, lahat ng bata ay may karapatan to know everything around him. Di nga ba kapag ampon ang isang bata, nahihirapan ang ibang magulang sabihin ang totoo dahil mas natatakot ang magulang for them? Well I am not an adopted child, but what i am trying to assimilate is just the fact that sometimes, we rather want to go with the flow, deal with life's everyday consequences than trying to figure out all the truth that it brings.

Sabi nga ni lojik, hindi naman mahalagang malaman natin lahat ng rason tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay,minsan go ka na lang.. and its true! What matters after all is that even when you feel like you already sink in when things are too much for you to bear, never forget to stay afloat still. After all, you can't go swim alone in the vastness of the acean if nothing sustains you from within. Whatever it is, whether you go for "truth" or "dare"...remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Go..look at the clouds for sometimes out of your hurly-burly busy day, and you'll realize that truly, "you are not alone..".


tutubing_karayom said...

Nice one Ev... Minsan masarap pang makausap ang isang bata kesa sa matandang nag iisip bata... heheh!! basta ang lalim ng entry mo... carry ko nman to the max, hirap lang mag comment ng ingles nakakalimutan ko ang i co comment ko! heheh!!!

basta lets stand up for the truth and wathever consequences we need to face, go for it... Sometimes we just need someone who can challenge us... basta ganun.. ang hirap nito ah!

ghee said...

yeah..you are not alone..just look around you,and you see life..so join it and try to stop swimming in your own emotion...naks,kapapanood ko lang ng love story kase and i loved that phrase. :)

its no wonder,a child can startle us by just a word..a revealing one that makes us realize "oh,its time for a change"..

well,i prefer "dare"..esp if its really daring,hehe..

happy weekend,Ev!!

razzy said...

ang lalim naman nito.. napapaisip tuloy ako...

I choose to dare, it is not playing safe at all.. A bit risky indeed. Because sometimes you dnt know what you're risking for.

Daring sometimes leads you to reality, to thruth that you've been seeking..

ev said...

malalim ba?di naman ah...ok..mmm...tama ka naman, let us just stand up for truth and yah,becoz we are challenged...ngek!inulit ko lang comment mo!blangko pa ata utak ko..senxa na tiks, basta may punto ka, carry mo, gets ko naman.

we are not alone...akala ko itatanong mo kung sino yung nasa clouds na ibig ko sabihin sa entry..just kidding...kids are fun to be with sabi nga ni tk, and they are the most challenging people to be with sometimes coz we can also learn from them.

its good to deal with our emotions,and then later on move on while learning from it...masarap pa rin ang feeling na masasabi mo na once in your life, nakaramdam tau ng ganung uri ng emosyon(whatever it is) but the important thing is, never regret any of it coz evryday is a leraning experience.

pareho yata kau ni tk ng reaction..nway,yep, sometimes when you go for "dare", you'll realize later on that you've actually found the truth that you've been looking for...kaya lang minsan nauunahan tau ng takot at naduduwag dahil baka we made the wrong move...but then, i think one cant go wrong in his/her decision if along with it is a "prayer"...its a matter of dealing with your fear...conquering it so you'll know what's at the far end...ang seryos ko ah!

ravishingkat said...

"we rather want to go with the flow, deal with life's everyday consequences than trying to figure out all the truth that it brings"

i like this post ate! and i agree with what you've said (above quote).. minsan nga sobrang mas ok na lang na spontaneous tayo. minsan kase masakit malaman yung totoo (yung tipong biglaan) or mas malaki ang risk. but then if you go with the flow, sometimes you are left unanswered but the good side of it is that u will have yourself figure out -slowly & gradually- the truth/answers. mas importante na dahan-dahan, kase you will end up being more ready to accept whatever the truth is.

ev said...

what a wonderful comment!

just thanks....

..this is because there's more to life...there's more to discover...there's more to realize.

keep achieving girl!you are not far from it...;0)