The passionate shepherd to his love.....

I think of you daily
Visions of our future flash before
I can see the future in the present
And I am thankful that God made you

Our paths crossed
Our souls connected
And our hearts loved

You are to me that which no other can be
The essence of beauty
The personification of loveliness

You are my treasure
That rare find that all men seek
I will love you in every way
With all that is within me
Until God himself calls our name

I Love You...
You are the Love of My Life


The nymph's reply to the shepherd.....

Because of you i feel even more secure,
for what is my heart for without someone to help me give it all.

Because of you i see life even more of reasons to live for,
for what good is one's existence without having one he can call his own.

Because of you i have lots of realization,for what is the mind's imaginings without having able to realize and make them real.

Because of you, i know even more what inner and genuine beauty is,
for what is beautiful is not just seen nor touched but truly felt by the heart.

Now i know what God has promised...and it's all because of YOU!

****** wonderful memories that will be cherished till the end of time....******

.....along with it is a soulful music..... truly a moment that lives on.

Today is my first year in blogger....naks!who would thought na one year na ako in this journey...daghang salamat to all my readers!!!


Anonymous said...

Your words are quite beautiful and will no doubt reasonate with each person who reads them. Happy Anniversary.

Ann said...

Happy blogsary! One year ka na pala, kelan lang tayo nagkita..hahaha!

ghee said...

hmmm,a poem came from a heart..
well written Ev...naksss,inlabs pa rin pala :)

one year ka na?wowwww!happy one year anniversary!! lets celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote these touching words will no doubt love each other for a very long time.

ev said...

Salamat...if thoughts are rooted from the heart,even very simple words can become very meaningful to the part of the writer...i have always been proud of the thing that i have(well, i claim by saying "i have" and i hope the other party will agree!hehe!)..just wanna savor the things that make life worthliving..thanks for the greeting.


oo nga, isang taon na akong nagsesenti dito pero kelan lang tayo nagkakilala and thank God dahil of all the interesting bloggers,isa ako sa mga ni-link mo at kinaibigan mo by ways of sharing your opinions in most of my posts. Pag-uwi nyo dito sa pinas, pwede paborrow kay josh kahit one hour lang?hehe! i really want to hug that cute kid of yours.:0)Thanks a lot mommmy ann!

totoo pala yung nagiging poetic ka pag nainluv ka?hehe!pinost ko kasi ayoko mabulok sa inbox ko...sayang ang mga wonderful thoughts out of feeling so in love...well, kidding aside, alam ko may poem ka rin sa hubby mo kaya i-post mo na rin!at ako naman ang magkokoment..wink!i just wanna celebrate love kahit di valentines dAy..hehehe!naloka ako sa comment mo frenship...;0)
yahoo!one year na ako!salamat ghee.

i miss this...coz love is the most powerful thing given by God for each human being to feel and express...they will...well, i hope...i am not good in guessing....tomorrows are too uncertain to two different people coming from a strange place and time...only feelings are certain but still to God is the circumstance.

Tutubing said...

Hapy nibersaby, kahit late ako hahabol ako sa handaan.. nyahah pero senti nman ung song ei! dapat jan i will survive! nyahahh! dont wori Ev dito lang kami lagi for u.. pasulpot sulpot ngalang! heheh

ghee said...

hmmm..love is in the air??

penge nga nang konti..para may inspirasyon,haha!

Ann said...

Oo ba, pwedeng one week mo na hiramin si Josh at ikaw na rin magpakain sa kanya...hahaha!

ev said...

you introduced me to these people in blogger in the irst place kaya i really thank you for being the one who inspires me to keep posting...thanks a lot my fren...i owe you a lot!

ev said...

it inspires me...really...these are the things that keep me going ghee...though trUE LOVE includes a lot of sacrifices.

ev said...


sige gusto ko yan,...paborrow talaga kay josh..seryos ako...hehe!cge now pa lang start na ko mag-budget for josh's one week consumption!;0