When can we be like children?

I was reading a news column this morning when a very good article caught my fancy. Let me share to you how it goes....

How can peace be elusive as it is seemingly now when all you hear these days are clarion calls for stable peace to dawn in Mindanao? Towards the end of Ramadan there pervades an aura of reconciliatory vibes and forgiveness. The yearning for peace is felt from east to west and from north to south. Despite all these we ask in desperation, “Why is the search for peace so difficult a task?”

If a ceasefire agreement can be sustained, then why cannot a permanent truce be attained? What does it take for protagonists to yield to the defeaning call of the overwhelming majority for the forces to lay down their arms and silenced these forever? There is so much land to share, so much resources to develop, the seas are so rich with a cornucopia of marine wealth. But the opportunity to make these resources productive is lost in the futile struggle for an independent state that stirs apprehension among those who abhors it. That is why the partnerships and joint ventures among Filipino Muslims, Lumads and Christians is so extremely difficult to attain because the struggle comes in the way to reconciliation, trust, unity and peace.

As if this desperation is not enough, we allow ourselves to be abused by foreign terrorist clones whose agenda is not only to inflict harm to innocent civilians, be they Christians, Muslims or Lumads, but to sow dissention and hatred among them. This ignominy is upon us and yet we allow these small diabolic forces of evil to turn us apart and when given the opportunity, to murder our innocent sons and daughters.

When can we walk the distance from east to west and north to south without fear and apprehension. When can we talk and laugh and share our sorrows and our joys without having to ask what our religious faiths are, our ranks and station in life like children who harbor no hatred but only geniune friendship and love?
( SunStar Davao)


ghee said...

True indeed..

when can we attain the glorious peace and unity?

Happy weekend,EV!

mish said...

Hay Ev, different religions will inflict destruction on mankind. Siguro this is a fact that we have to face. Ang masama lang, pati ito minsan eh nagagamit to trigger war and to separate people from the others. Bakit nga ba nakakasakit ang mga paniniwala dun sa mga inosente? Nice post Ev!

ev said...


the answer to your question will only remain in ones ideal....of reaching eutopia...there is nothing we can do but begin that peace within our innermost being...then to our family and then to our community...somehow if the pattern continues..then maybe..j.ust maybe we can achieve ultimate peace.

i respect you opinion...and sometimes it can be true that some fight for religion...but then if onnly we realize that we have the same God and Creator, no matter what one's race or religion...then it wouldn't be too impossible that at the far end....somehow our goals and principles may be one. well i hope i've a point.

and yes its sad that its always the innocent ones who are victims...may we just continue to pray for unity and peace.

tutubing_karayom said...

Oo i wanted to be child once agen, ung walang pakealam sa problema, pero dahil hindi nman tayo pwedeng maging bata ulit, hala tara gawa nalang tayo ng bata! nyahahah! miss u too my fren! muahhhhhhh!

ev said...

what a comment!i really like ur humor my frend tikey!..honga ano?kelan nga ba kayo bubuo ni pilolo mo?inip na ako ha!;0)

basta i'll be ur kid's fairygodmother in th future ha.;o)

Ann said...

Pag politics at religion na ang topic, parang walang katapusan, walang gustong magpatalo, kaya walang peace.

Kawawa talaga yung mga inosente na damay lang sa gulo.

razz said...

kaya hindi nagkakasundo at walang peace, because of lack of respect.. meron tayong iba't ibang paniniwala, pero minsan pag nag-uusap na about religion, we insist..kaya ayan, ang sharing ay napupunta sa isang argumento.

ev said...

mommy ann,
tama ka actually, walang gustong magpatalo...yun yata yung pride na pinanghahawakan ng tao, kung sanay may nagbibigayan at respeto sa isa't-isa, wala naman sigurong gulong mangyayari..at walanng mga inosenting masasaktan.

ang seryos natin ano?buhay na kasi ang isyu...napakaikli lang ng buhay para gawing miserable.

hindi ko maintindihana kung bakit religion ang dahilan para tayo'y magkawatak-watak...di ba dapat, it should be our faith or religion thaT unites us as one? kasi nga we believe in one God...pero siguro nga kulang lang ng respeto sa paniniwala ng bawat isa kaya hiwa-hiwalay tayo ng diwa at paniniwala.