National issue muna tayo!

Should there be a retake of the Nursing Liscensure Exam?

I would like to quote what the ninth placer of the June, 2006 Nursing Board Examination voiced out that goes, “I’m afraid to take the examination again. I’m afraid, not because I cheated, but because of the high level of anxiety that goes with having to go through it again.There’s tension, especially for me, because I placed ninth in the exam. Let them not take away from me what I and my parents had worked hard for, ”( source taken from InQ7) A sobbering statement by Ms. Claudine Navalta, 21, a graduate of the World Citi Colleges in Quezon City.

Anyone of us placed in the same dilemma could have felt more than what the young lady is fighting for. Such a sad fate! The investigation about the said anomaly will give hope to those who didn’t pass the test but for sure will bring another restlessness for those who took the test fairly and squarely (with all their sweat) and eventually passed. For some, the said examination might just be a chance of luck, but what about those whose struggles were beyond measures?

Yes, the retake will of course bring the issue into clarity. And will make the passers integrity intact. But what frustrations this might have brought to others who have had all their effort once and passed but didn’t make it the second time around? A retake of the exam is of course a retake of another sleepless hours of studying or reviewing.

No personal biases here, but this is just to raise the issue about just what is really fair to all concerns. We are talking here of the future of our young ones. And we raise the issue concerning time, effort and anxieties that will bring even greater effect to the test- takers.

The issue is not something to be put into a heated debate because every crime should have been investigated. But then, I do hope that the ones responsible for the leakage will have more than what it takes to have a guilty concience. I swear! There is never a board examination just so easy to handle. It’s worth one’s dream.


tutubing_karayom said...

mag kokoment ako ng singkung duling dito ah...

Kahit ano pag gawin nila, mag welga man sila, wala ng magagawa pa. The harm has been done. I know its not fair, but this is the only way to clean up the mess, dito malalaman kung deserving ba nung top one ang pagiging top nila. Kung 9nth placer sya at mag reretake sya, mas advantage ata sa kanya un, dahil may chance pa sya to go up dba?

I knw its a waste of time and money, but this is the only way para maipakita ang credibility nila. I knw its a hard work, pero kailangan dba? Pack-one pack all ang labanan. And ders no fair and unfair. The only right thing to do is a retake. Mahirap? oo nman.

But theres a catch. After the retake, they should continue to investigate those students na nakakuha ng linkage sa unang exam, though pumasa sila on this retake kelangan parin silang parusahan because they did wrong the first time...

Ev mahabang talakayin ito, pero we should be fair, not just for those na gumamit ng linkage or not. Kelangan lang tlgang mag hirap para luminis ang pangalan.

Oy nagpakaserious ako ngayon ah!

ann said...

Ako siguro wag na lang retake, hanapin na lang nila sino yung naglabas ng leakage at sya na lang ang parusahan. Matagal na rin naman yang mga leakage na yan, nagkataon lang na may nahuli ngayon.

Kami noon sa CPA board exams, madaling-araw naglabasan ang mga leakage at sa mismong review center pa nagbigayan.

ghee said...

its too unfair para sa ibang nag sikap sa sarili nila para pumasa.

isang sign of depressions again ng mga tao sa pilipinas..lahat ginagawan ng moneymaking,di ko naman mabiblame yung mga kumakagat dahil they re taking the risk.

im hoping for the better...na gasgas na gasgas na ang linya,hayy..

ev said...


i appreciate your response to this entry...at ang haba ha!anyway, oo nga mukhang dinibdib mo lang naman ang issue..wink!ang totoo wla lang akong mai-post...kya kinopy paste ko lang to sa wowblog ko.

mmm....mukhang mahabang talakayan nga ito pero i wont refute your ideas guys coz lahat naman kayo may punto.

thanks tiks!

sure its your opinion and i thank you for sharing your idea...hindi nman usual ang mga leakage a totoo lang, at tama ka, just that mas visible lang ang issue this time...salamat mommy ann.

we all hope for the better...what else can we say di ba?

i miss yu fren!
alam nyo guys, i raise the issue here just to know how far can we show concern for our people..and you guys hav actually prove it...and i'm proud to have known you in this blogworld...ang sarap pakinggan ang mga reaction nyo kasi "we are not talking here of who has brighter ideas than whom..."i like my critics (all of you) dahil iba-iba man ang ating mga opinions, we still get to end up valuing what was learned from the entry....

a big thanks!

tutubing_karayom said...

ur welcome... clap.clap.clap. malamang pang kontrabida ung comment ko,,, heheh!