Have any of you in a situation you think it doesn't deserve on you to befall? And then, at the end of it all, you end up blaming the other side because you feel like you don't deserve the hurt, the losing?

Well, this is mortality. Being human includes feeling incapable of the hurt because we've given our best in ways we thought we just "did" but the outcome was not as plausible as expected. The truth is, we are not ready for any painful acceptance because sometimes reality just hurts. The realization will only come out once we learn to accept things as they are, learn the lessons it bring and then hold on to your goals and dreams....because there's more to life....

Ideally, only selfless love suffice on this truth. But since we are not living in a world of ideals, sometimes we end up with regret why things happen. I've couple of friends in all walks of life come to me and shared their loses. Yes, it's so swift that advices just come right there the moment they want it, but when you're in the same shoe, you realize that no amount of reason seems to justify to ease that emotional turmoil(if i may say).

But then, at the end of it all...as they say that time heals all wound...we'll realize that what we give is just a small amount to what are learned along the way...both parties involve are learning. If you are hurt, just realize that the other person may also be hurting. But if the case is just a one-way traffic... then, what good it is to have better understood that you have made a contribution to another's life...just that is enough...for me.


ghee said...

hmm,do I sense some regrets here?
nahh..I dont do I,EV?

eniweys,life has its ups and downs,EV...if now isnt the time to be happy...but surely the wheel will keep rolling,and you sure have a chance for everything you adore.

gudluck,my frend.
just be happy :)

lojika said...

one of my philosophy in life is that : "you can't blame anybody else of what happened in your life. all of those are product of your choices."

and another thing. life is full of surprises. unexpected things happened. on every decision we make, we gotta be ready of any risk. and be prepared.

you're right. we only have take the lesson it taught us.

Ann said...

It really hurts specially when you gave all your best just to save a relationship. Even though some say don't expect too much, still you can feel the pain.

ev said...

thanks for the cheer...i know i can count on you...masakit lang talaga ang totoo...kahit minsan hindi na kayang i-fake ang tawa when deep inside alam mong gusto mo lang talagang iyakan lahat dahil ang bigat na rin...mas kaya kong dayain ang isip ghee..pero hindi ang nararamdaman.

you're right!we have no right to blame anybody for all that we went thru...sariling desisyon natin yun..tayo ang gumagawa kaya dapat kaya nating panindigan at harapin.

yah...paulit-ulit kong sinasabi sa sarili na ayokong mag-expect but still the truth hurts...minsan may mga bagay talaga na di kayang ipaliwanag ng isip...nararamdaman na lang...

sabi nila, pag nagmahal ka, just give your best para wala kang mga "what if's" or regret in the end...pero kelangan din pala,magparaya tayo at handang magpalaya dahil baka ang best na akala naibigay natin, nakakasakal na pala.