Clearing my vision

For years, I've endured the thought that I could very well work on my paper works without my glasses on. I remember my eye doctor once telling me never to remove my glasses. That was my first purchase of my eyeglasses, when my astigmatism hit me few years back. However, I felt like my eyeglasses didn't fit my younger days then. I guess it had something to do with my choice for a design. And I had it removed from time to time and used only when situation called. But years went by, I slowly felt the need to purchase another eyeglasses especially now that I've been reading most of my spare time. Thus, I  went back for an eye consultation to see how my vision is after years of no longer wearing glasses. Most of us may want stylish eyeglasses, something that would at least make us trendy in a way. And so I tried search for something that would make me looking not too genius for an old woman (lol!). For most of us, we thought that wearing eyeglasses would only make us mature looking. However, you can choose for stylish eyeglasses that are perfectly designed or crafted for your age. You can look for something classy but the price is just right. Every one of us has the right to a perfect vision at least to see how even beautiful life is without having the feeling of inconvenience to eyesight. There a  lot of existing eyecrafters everywhere to help give you better vision for a reasonable price. Now, I feel even more comfortable having my eyeglasses on from time to time.

Well, literally, my eyeglasses help a lot in clearing my vision..and hopefully (metaphorically) will give me a clearer vision about the things I wish to pursue in life.:)


razzy said...

same here... right now i seldom use my eyeglasses... kung hindi lang ako hirap magdrive sa gabi and hindi sumasakit ang ulo ko, ayaw ko sana e.. :)

Rosalyn Tabangan said...

Relate na yata ako ngayon eve...
I have mind na,")
Mis u eve