Your dream wedding

They say year 2012 is the best year for marriage. I couldn't agree less on this for the part of the Chinese since it is the year of the dragon. However, for whatever reason and for whatever race, I still believe that the best luck for marriage is still within the hands of each couple. Now the thought of settling down can be both an exciting and trembling feeling. Well, "trembling" might be an understatement for couple who just couldn't wait to have each other finally together in one roof though. But the feeling of wanting a wedding event at least closed to perfect, that's where trembling comes in (lol!). 

Believe it or not, just last night, I dreamt of a wedding event. I don't know why. Maybe it's just a reminder for me start rambling my thoughts here about getting married. Well, for sure not for my part, at this time, though!lol! But then perhaps, I can contribute to friends who thought of settling down. For most couples, they prefer a beach wedding or a garden wedding, other than the traditional church wedding, for most Christians or Catholics. But I guess Estate Weddings & Events can also be a very good option. This is actually a definitely unique idea in this present time, the venue is also a perfect place for luxury retreats to choose from for the married couple. Well, wedding bell is just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And so, we all want it a memorable one. Surely, you already have your dream wedding in mind but after this contemplation , perhaps you'll realize there's more to the dream you dream of. Have a blessed Sunday!



kulas said...

Dream Wedding? Subjective, right?

Lola once said, the best wedding is one that one can afford. Save your money to start your family. Have a simple wedding.

Don't allow a dream wedding to become a nightmare where you start your married life with debt.

ev said...

Kulas..it 's been awhile here..how r u? I agree with you..that is so true esp. Nowadays..