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I love food!Who wouldn't?:))

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my mother in our little kitchen, so busy preparing our meal. My mom is a great cook. But sad to say, even now, I haven't got mom's talent in cooking. However, I am still willing to learn even more. They say learning how to cook doesn't need talent, just the ability and the willingness  to learn. Everything can be learned by passion. Nowadays, I notice that there are many who enroll into culinary courses. Of course, putting up restaurant or food chain is a very good business. But aside from that, many famous restaurants around the globe are now making culinary experts in demand. 

Hence, what makes other food chains known to many customers is the kind of food being served. While we crave for fatty food and those that will satiate our stomach regardless of whether it is good for our health or not, still it's a big factor that we have to be cautious with our food intake. It is very important that restaurants everywhere should also serve slow carb diet recipes especially for the health conscious ones and also for the older ones. 

Sure thing I will try diet recipes in my cooking. Our health will always be our wealth and I so believe in that saying. 


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