Count your blessings..

I've been counting the days since my drive to write seems to be hanging steadily in the cloudless sky. I so love to note down my emotions but for days, it seems to me that the forces of nature conspire so I can keep my silence for awhile. As there is a time to be silent and a time to speak, I remain hopeful that I can do the latter soon. I still wanna keep this journey attune so that I can go on sharing some of which might have relevance while some of which were just out of wanting to pour down feelings so that the holding back of emotion wouldn't one day just sparks like thunder when its time to let it go.

My personal encounter with friends and people from different walks of life such as the portrait of a family in their pursuit for happyness, the young lad who hailed a cab, a teacher's personal encounter with her student in the remote area, the young boy at the drive-thru, the young girl's longing for a mom, and even the weeping of an animal for its lost chick- all these bring significant human experiences in all aspects of our life. To look around and realize that we are more than lucky. And all of which taught me one thing- to count my blessings, for none is so rich than the one who knows how to be grateful even on little things.

Isang Mapayapang Bagong Taon po sa inyong lahat!


razzy said...

happy new year kapatid.... hangad ko ang iyong kaligayahan sa taong ito... :) God bless you and your family..

ev said...

Happy New Year din sa'yo razzberry girl!ang tagal na pala natin sa blogworld...wala bang award para sa mga veteran?hehe!

I wish the same happiness for more years to come...

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Your writing was very inspiring to me this year. I like to visit your place.
I wish you Love, Happiness and Successful New 2008 Year!
God Bless You and Your Family!