Animals weep too...

Animals can only tell to their master that they're not okay when they begin to show signs of timidity or losing the appetite for food.

Last night, while taking some stuff in the kitchen, i noticed a turkey in one corner..yep!its a live turkey.. ( for couples of months, father has been tending chickens and a male (gobbler) turkey and a female turkey in our little backyard)...well then as i noticed the turkey, unable to move in one corner, i touched it. i thought it was already dead but mother said that it's been a week that this turkey hasn't eaten and mom figured that it happened since the turkey hadn't had its egg hatched..i don't know if i got it right but it appears to be feeling the depression 'coz of what happened to its egg. Hmm.. this is new to me... a mother turkey weeping for its lost chick? Well sad to say, the next morning, the turkey died.

Well, caught my pup here in this pose...

hmmm... how i only wish he's not depressed! Nakalimot siguro ko'g pakaon ani ayy..;0p


ghee said...

so animal weeps too?they have love and affection din(akala ko aso or pusa lang) :)

your pup looks sad,nakalimutan mong pakainin?LOL!

nice to see you blogging Ev!I miss you gurl!!


krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Of course the animals love, take care and feel as people. People are so cruel for animals, it is very sad.
Beautiful, touching post.

Mari said...

Yes, they have feelings as well. They cower when they are scolded; they wag their tails when they are happy. And they get depressed, too.

When my dog died, I cried...I was sad. I miss him.

Midas said...

Yep, animals have feelings. YOu have a cute puppy.

ann said...

More on sa aso ang alam ko, sabagay wala naman kasi kaming turkey. Or yung iba di lang nila napapansin.

Gladys said...

kaseryoso sa umpisa..carried away gud ko, last part nalimtan lang diay og pakaon. ikaw daw ang di makakaon, di ba ka maluya? hahahhahaha..grabe ako katawa diri..

kidding aside, yep, animals have feelings too (kana bang sila lang pud ang makasabot kay lahi man na sila nga klase).. I even heard na pag oras na daw na kakatayin yung sheep, umiiyak daw sila..see, nakakaramdam din sila.

Nice post tya..