My top 10 most favorite posts..(part 2 )

And as promised, here now finally are my remaining top 5 most favorite posts ...

Top 5. Wait- as some say..."success is sweetest if it is tested by time..."And that this directly speaks to me that there must really be a perfect moment for everything.

Top 4. Close with nature- reminds me that aside from the human form within us, there are more things around that we must learn to appreciate. and it's telling me to pause for sometimes and be thankful for these gifts...

Top 3. The Pursuit of Happyness- this portrait of a family reminds me of the marriage vow that goes.."for richer or for poorer, in sickness and and health, till death do US part.."... it's about crossing the tide in a commitment.

Top 2. Onli in the Pilipins- commending the Filipinos own ways in dealing with life..considering our country's status. And I had fun doing this post!

Top 1. Ma'am, where you go?- I love this post, really...and I should also like to ask myself the same question.;0p... Well then, smart kids shouldn't be left loitering and even working at their own risk on the street..they deserve a better living and good education. Somehow, the boy's question is also addressed to us all in reality. I remain hopeful that there will still be bright tomorrows waiting for these children.


Mari said...

Good top faves, Ev. I like the last one (No.1) as well.


Midas said...

Great choices for top posts Ev.

ghee said...

yeah,I love them all Ev esp the pursuit of happyness :)

nice,keep up your good writings,my frend!

hugs for your weekend!!

ghee said...

Hi Ev,

how was your weekend,mah frend?ano ba ang pinagkakaabalahan mo?


krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
You write beautifully, from deep of your heart. I love your posts!
Best to you!

Ferdz said...

I just read your top1 post. And that was an interesting observation there. I guess this kids go into these pursuits to earn money for themselves and hailing cabs for these customers gives them tips. I just wish we could do something about them

keep on posting