"Onli in da Pilipins"

As I looked at this picture of a jeepney ( courtesy of www.sunstar.com.ph/davao) where passengers just branch out or should I say crop up like mushrooms only to get reach to their individual destination , I couldn't help but grin over the realization that we Filipinos are amazingly unique from all other countries around the globe.

Amazing because we are not just survivors in our own ways of dealing with poverty but it seems to me that we are the most innovative and humorous people that I've so far encountered with.

Can you just imagine how we cook our own specialty of food namely "adidas"(grilled chicken feet),"isaw" (grilled chicken intestine) and "kwek-kwek" (courtesy of www.mindanao.com/photoblog ) (chicken egg buttered with cornstarch),such creatively innovated cooked animal parts also known as street foods but very salable to the taste of the masses. Just realizing how all parts of an animal become like life-saving food only to satiate the need for physical survival because of its affordability. And as for transportation, we also have this "trisikad or trisibot", making bicycle very useful as some Filipinos another mean of earning extra income.

These "Onli in the Pilipins" scenarios really make me think that "we Filipinos have actually this gut!" and we are a born natural survivor by all means. Well, this to my own assessment.


Mari said...

I hope I got the right ev. We are cross linking. Right?

You are right about Filipinos: very innovative, creative and survivors.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

krystyna said...

Ev, you're right that Filipinos are amazingly unique from all other countries around the globe.
Well-saying! That is true!!!
I hate driving by car, but trisibot is my dream. I wonder is it possible to find it in USA? This "car" is perfect for me.
Love and happiness be with you!

ann said...

Alam mo ba dito yang lahat ng niluluto sa kalye na yan eh tinatapon lang. Sa pinas magandang negosyo pa yan di ba?

ev said...

Thanks for including me in your list too..for the link..i am very honored.

Sometimes Filipinos become innovative and survivor in a way... kasi kailangan..i mean, the stern need for survival against poverty...to be realistic..this to my own understanding.

I don't actually have any idea if it's possible in the US. Sometimes, Filipinos have unique inventions..for practical reasons actually...that is why it's exclusively existing in our country..the "only in the Philippines" scenarios...that may seem extraordinary to some like you who is not a Flipino citizen.

I remember when my friend's American fiancee visited our place that when he saw the "trisikad", he really asked his girlfriend to let him ride on it and he even took a picture of himself while riding!

Well, maybe Filipinos are just really unique in some aspects.

Tama ka...sa ibang bansa tinatapon na yung mga laman-loob ng hayop, pero iba dito sa atin..kung pwede pang pakinabangan at pagkakitaan hahanapan talaga ng paraan...and yes, magandang negosyo pa nga ang mga eto dito sa'tin..hatak sa masa kahit street food...dala na rin ng kahirapan mmy ann...kaya nagiging innovative ang pinoy at kung anu-anong iniisip na pagkakitaan.

Agring said...

Karon pa ko kadungog anang kwek kwek..hehehee. I haven't tasted it yet!

Cielo said...

yan mismo ang hinahanap hanap nang ating mga kababayan na nasa ibang bansa....

tikey said...

waaaaa naglaway akong bigla. kahapon nakain ako ng fishball, tapos sarap nung sauce. $3.00 iilan lang.. bitin tuloy! pag nauwi ako, un ang ipapahanda ko! hehe

krystyna said...

Yea, Filipinos are just really unique in some aspects I think. Maybe some day I'll visit your beautiful country.
Have a sweet, great weekend!