What makes a friend...

There is no rule to creating friendship...it just happen and come to you naturally. It's when you realize that you click and you understand each other's failures as separate individuals with different ideas but still able to meet common end- ACCEPTANCE.

Who would'nt want to be welcomed, as human, we always yearn for sense of belongingness. The good thing in friendship is that it's a choice out of free will. It's not planned and dictated but surprisingly, you are able to find new home with them. They say we cannot choose our family ( i mean biologically) but we can choose who to befriend with.

Friendship is not a matter of who give and get the most out of it but it's a matter of how far can you stay when the rest of world cannot. Sometimes, lasting friensdhip is hard to find. We cannot look for what's ideal but we can look for what or should i say who's REAL. Not everyone is lucky in finding true friends...you'll realize that when you're in the most down part of your life...you may build a troupe of friends but you can only make a single soul who stays loyal. Somehow it's normal. The world is round, our friendship must not be limited...along our journey, we meet a new one..it is b'coz we are given a gift that's not limited to be just shared to one person...it must be spread so that everybody can benefit...in the end you'll realize it's worth the journey...because a genuine friendship is priceless.

***the picture above features gladz, I and sheng taken 2yrs. ago out of our crazy adventure!haha!...wow!tagal na rin friendship natin mga sistah!i love u guys!


tikey said...

Naks ke gaganda nyo nman... miss ko tuloy ang mga barkada ko...

ev said...

hahahha!salamat kaibigang tikey!!

mis u..

krystyna said...

Very nice frienship. I visited your great friends. They have a wonderful blogs.
There is no rule to creating friendship... that's true.
Wishing you good luck!

pablo said...

Two years!?! wow! dugaya na ninyo friends oy.. wa moy plano mag bulag2x? heeheh

dedicated staff outsource said...

Friends, it is one of the wonders of the world yet not included in its list, we may walk different paths, as we grow old we become acquainted with different types of people, there are people that stay and leave but finding true friends that sticks with you thru tick and thin. Ever we find ourselves in a situation where we have a true friend, cherish every moment for it might never happen again.

Gladys said...

WOW! Touch ako sobra. Thanks for this tribute.

The three of us were so crazy way back then. Can you imagine, we own the street when we passed by tapos nagsasayaw pa kami. Its as if sa amin ang mundo, we don't care, we dont give a damn basta masaya lang kami. Masaya, masarap kayong kasama...murag way problema.

I treasured every single moment we had girls (Sheng and Evz)..that was the happiest days of my friendship life.

Thanks so much for leaving a mark..i'll be home sometime soon (time flies fast anyway) and i'll see you both, I promise.

Ang di magpakita, dila lang ang way labod.

Its really hard to find real friends, but once you found it..it stays FOREVER; and they are my true friends, I held them closely inside my heart..ayaw unya mo og gawas sa akong heart ha kay init diri sa NM, makapaso..hehehe..diri ra mo sulod sa heart.

Love you girls. Mga sisters and partners in crime :-). SHhhhhh..ayaw saba ha.

ev said...

hahaha!i miss you tya!i really miss our bonding na!ang mga kabuang nato with sheng na kita ra jud intawon nasayud...hehe!but i am happy for you..yah..time flies so fast...magkita-kita r japon ta sa mata.;0)