Close with nature...

I am not good in photography...all I knew as I took these pictures was that I want to capture the things I very seldom notice in most of my waking hours. Just that while my eyes can still clearly see and my spirit still dynamic to feel the wind blowing my hair and appreciate the gifts of nature as I look at the sun rising and setting, I wanna do it now.

Is this a starfish? It's tinier...its feature is not as strong as the other starfish that I usually see. But as I see how different it is from the rest, I realize that this one has its own uniqueness...like everyone of us..no matter how small we think we are...God made things unique..you and me.

The sunset...a realization maybe that at the end of the day, things must calm down. We need to rest after a long busy hour of running after meeting deadlines to finish our work.Where there is no more rushing...

..to live in order to work and not to work in order to live.


ev said...

Im here Ev. Testing your ads...


ev said...

loka!ba't mo gamit name ID ko?;p

thanks for this newly renovated one tikey....di ko agad na-realize ah!

nice one..really..a big thanks.;0)

tutubing_karayom said...

Syempre tinest ko yan while doing your template.. kaya gna nilagay ko maganda kong pangalan diba? heheh!

testing 123 hehe

Mari said...

That must be another variety of starfish...the skinny one...sexy siya. LOL Nice sunset photo.

Nice template.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

krystyna said...

Your photos are beautiful and unique. Color perfect. Your new template looks very interesting, clear and wonderful. Ads by G. looks good- good idea.
My first post at WUB was about, that we are all unique:


Have a wonderful Sunday!

Shoshana said...

Hello Ev, your starfish brings back very pleasant memories for me!

ev said...

salamat talaga..wla ako masabi..supertalented ka kapatid!tenkyu!muahhh;0)

Hmmm..sexy nga ng starfish ano?hehe!

Basta ba may naisip akong bagong pics na pwede i-share..share ko talaga. Thanks thanks thanks a lot Mari!

My gratitude for all the compliments....you have a great blog too and congrats again for winning the blog award.

Truly, we are all unique!

My starfish brings back very pleasant memories?hmmm..na curiuos ako ah!This must have greater connection with your past experiences. I hope you can share that one too in time.

My good luck and wonderful wishes to all of you ladies!!!

razzy said...

malamang may braces ang starfish, kaya nangayayat..hehehe