Trudging the path back to childhood memories...

As a tagalog saying goes, " Ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa paroroonan". Pero ewan ko lang po kung may koneksyon etong entry na'to..hehe!~

Trudging this pathway once again brought me back to the gold old days when I was still in my elementary days. Well,how can I ever forget the way to where the first time I learned about the alphabet,numbers and of course where knowledge,as for me, actually begins.

I remember there was a little pavement provided as a shortcut from where we lived before on the way to school,and so we can just walk within 20 minutes to get there before the flag ceremony started.For six years then,I along with my siblings trudged that roadway.I still recall back then when we had to walk that path while it was not yet concrete. It was really a tough and tedious walk especially during rainy season because it used to be really a muddy area and that pounds of mud would really stick every passerby's worn-out shoes and slippers.

Now,I am glad to have noticed that this pathway finally developed and for sure there will no longer be grade schoolers who will be walking this way to school,worrying during rainy season...looking back two or more decades ago...kadtong cute pa kaayo ko!;0p


Marichu said...

Im very touched with this entry! you know I can really relate we've been into it too me,my brother and another younger brother heheh. I dont know lang if my kapatid remember this maybe yes but d lng na pag kwentohan.
It's good na ikwento mo!

ghee said...

yes,Eve,up to now,yan pa rin ang nasa isip ko,kaya laging lumilingon sa likod :) para maka forward naman :)

nice post!!

ghee said...

Happy Halloween!!!

ev said...


Salamat sa pagdalaw dito sa munti kong tahanan...talagang masarap balikan at gunitain ang nakaraan...our experience brings us to where we are today.

i love your humor!haha!honga naman,kailangan lumingon para makaforward..ano ba'yan, nalito yata ako!;op

Happy halloween mahfren!

razzy said...

sarap nga balikan ng nakaraan...

tapos pag maulan pa, magtatampisaw pa kayo ng mga kaibigan sa daan, tapos uuwing basang basa, magagalit si nanay nun, kase putik putik na.. hehehe