Earlier tonight,while I was working on my report,I left my yahoo ID online hoping I could get the chance to talk to a very good friend who is now living from afar.I was busy thinking how I could possibly finish my work in less an hour..so I could rest after,when out of the blue, a new "window" popped up the computer screen. A young girl who simply wanted to have someone to talk with because of the recent tragic incident that happened to her family.Our conversation started when she said,"Ate, I am here because I want someone to talk with...I am bored and sad." And then I asked,"why and what happened?".

And so she started to share...

"My parents just passed away. They were victims of the recent blasting that happened in Glorietta 2. They were there to celebrate my other sibling's birthday. All three of them died. I am here in Zamboanga City with my relatives.I am 16 years old and a high school sophomore.I am in pain...ang sakit-sakit pala!Hindi ko matanggap na wala na sila!I am not there in Manila to see their wake. I am not ready..."

It breaks my heart to hear her story. And it left me speechless..couldn't think of a single word to comfort the girl or even say, "hey,it's ok..life goes on!".How can I say that to a 16-year old who is dealing with the most painful and tragic trauma in her life.

After an hour of conversing with her, she asked,"Would it be ok if I'll call you mommy and be my secondary mom?" And I was like..waaaahhhh!tiguwang najud diay ko!hehe!Joker pud ning bataa dah!;op

But anyway, I immediately said, "sure, why not?". You can call me mommy.Then she responded by saying.."Thanks...I just miss my mom..":0(


Dabawenya Babe said...

OMG!!! I haven't heard this news :(. I am really shocked. :(:( I can feel the teenager's suffering..when GenSan was bombed before, a friend of mine lost both his parents too.

As usual, our government doesn't have the balls again to fight terrorism..

Dugay na jud ko nga hopeless anang atong gobyerno diha nga wlay pulos. maayo unta og sila ang mabombahan dili ang mga inosente..haay naglagot jud ko. Kalooy intawon sa bata..

But how nice of you to talk to he rtya, keep it up..i know u have a good heart.

Midas said...

Violence has very sad results most often...and it's sadder still for the ones left behind.

ann said...

Hello Ev. Ilang days na rin yung nangyari sa Glorietta, hindi pa nya napupuntahan yung parents nya at kapatid sa Manila?

ghee said...

what a tragic things to happen naman...they lost them in just a snap,altogether..

nakakalungkot...buti na lang,may bago na shang mom "in you" :)

i hope she`ll be fine...

sino pala yung friend na hinihintay mo sa yahoo? :D

Nancy said...

hayyy...nang dahil sa kapalpakan ng gobyerno pati 'tong inosente at walng kamuwang-muwang sa parenthood, naging instant surrogate mother tuloy...

evs, blame it to the arroyo government!!!

ev said...

dabawenya babe,

It's really pathetic tya....and then I realize that we Filipinos cannot just go on in life caring less and remain passive over these things.We have to raise our voices to resolve this kind of issue.

Yes, you're actually right...and the saddest thing is that it's always the innocent ones who will eventually get affected.

The explosion happened just last week. Honestly, at first during her sharing di pa ko halos makapaniwala coz I thought she was just inventing stories. I was wondering kung bakit wala sya dun para ipagluksa ang pagkawala ng family nya. But her only response is that, she is really telling the truth and she is not ready to see the situation...di pa daw nya matanggap. So hindi na ako nagtanong..naisip ko rin, ano naman mapapala nya kung gagawa lang sya ng kwento sa isang stranger na tulad ko. She even told me that the government offered her money, panlibing daw, pero di nya tinanggap...sabi pa nya di naman mausuklian ng pera ang buhay ng pamilya ko eh. So I just choose to listen nalang.

I asked the girl kung kelan nya balak dalawin ang burol ng family nya pero di pa daw talaga sya handa...ang lungkot ng pangyayari..nakakapanghina ng loob kung iisipin.

I've been thinking about her..and yeah i really do hope that she'll be fine soon. It's not easy..yung pinagdadaanan nya. To think that she's too young...really traumatic.

Honga,ayan naging instant mommy tuloy ako...I wish I could hug her...to at least comfort her. I was waiting for gladyz that time coz we havent talked for quite awhile already. Sana nga rin online ka nun.

Somehow it's a good feeling too. Masarap ang feeling that young ones would trust and rely on us. At least in my own little way, by just listening..nakatulong din pala ako.

ang seryos ko no?Oo naman...this is not a simple issue to just brush aside.

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
My heart is full of pain. The life is sometimes soo painful and without answer - why?
I'm sure you are a perfect mom!

Much love and blessings to you!

Dabawenya Babe said...


We've been raising our voices years ago..but none had happened. Reporter nga tsaka mga priests or pastor namamatay nang dahil gustong magsalita..what else can we do? We have no freedom dyan, walang voice ang mga tao.

I've been hopeless with our government..MANY years ago. No wonder there are a lot of rebels.

I hate comparing but when I got here in the States, walang rebelde..walang NPA, walang Abu sayaff..its not because they can afford those high powered fire arms BUT BECAUSE THEIR GOVERNMENT HERE IS FAIR AND JUST.

The government here really reaches out the poor people. No wonder they are blessed, strong and powerful. And also, this is my first time to experience that the government is really FOR THE PEOPLE.

Mari said...

That's so sad. It's always the young ones who suffer, those who are left behind. It's too bad that these people would do this randomly without thinking who would get hurt. The girl was looking for a shoulder to cry on and you happened to be there. This could be by design of someone up there.

You take care.

ghee said...

oh,ok,I knew it was Glady`s you were waiting for.. ok na ba sha?

btw,im done with my tag EV,check it out HERE

hugs and Thanx!!

Celestine said...

this is such a sad story. i was v moved to read it. sending good thoughts to you and the girl...