The nine days early dawn mass(Misa de Gallo) or simbang gabi,as has been traditionally done in the Philippines before Christmastime, is really something that every member of the Catholic church looks forward to. Whatever each churchgoer's motive may be in going to mass at early dawn(coz they say that your wish will come true if you are able to complete the nine days). Oh!I wasn't able to complete it..., well it's still nice to see young and old folks gathered together to witness the celebration of the mass.

The sermon of the priest on day one still echoes on me-- "the waiting". Most often than not, we get too impatient about things. We may not be on a rush, but being able to wait sometimes couldn't help from painting wrinkled face in us, we even get upset. I admit being impatient sometimes...i'm guilty of that...even when I find myself standing in a row for an hour with the longest line to pay bills. But the priest's sermon was a reality check on me. And that most of our life actually is spent in waiting.

Waiting inside your car or a bus hardly able to move because the traffic is disgusting. Waiting for four to five years to finish a course to get a diploma so you can find a better job after. A pregnant mom waiting enduringly for nine months before she can give birth to a beautiful baby. Waiting for your visa abroad to be granted. A wife waiting for her husband to be home from work and her children from school. A family member working abroad waiting for his/her contract to end so he/she can go back home and be reunited with his/her love ones. And even the waiting of single men and women for the right time to find and meet their true love.

Most of our days are spent in waiting. And it's true. But human as we are, sometimes we could hardly wait. And the more we hurry, the more we even get to feel delayed by circumstances.

It's a fact that we wait because we know deep in our hearts that there is something to look forward to...and it could have been the dream we long waited to happen...we hope..we wait...because there is a perfect season for everything...there is a promise waiting to come true ..there is a brighter tomorrow waiting to be unfold.

We never really run out of time... because time only runs out the moment we give up.


Gladz said...

It's a reality that we cannot deny; maybe for one reason that we live in generation Y and I guess that's just how it is today..

But then, there are things in life that we don't need to rush, yung mga bagay na kusang darating..

ghee said...

very neat lay out Ev!I love it!

welcome back again!As I@ve expected,you never turn me down..this post is so nice :)

waiting...ano kaya ang dapat kong i wait next time?as you`ve said,theres no need to rush..it will come..so,we shouldnt be impatient :)

ingats always,Ev!
a big hug!

ev said...


"may mga bagay na kusang dumarating kaya we dont need to rush"...well said my fren...and you are actually right..dahil ang mga bagay na kusang dumarating ay yun yung mga bagay already planned by God to test how far can we go...alam mo kung ano ang nasa puso ko tya...even when you dont hear me talking bout it ...i know i cant hide from your view..and i thank you for respecting my feelings...you are a true friend i know, dahil kahit yung mga bagay na di mo matanggap for me ay tinanggap mo at ni-respeto...you know what i mean becoz you've been in the same shoe before...salamat jud!..i will miss you.

eto yung namimiss ko, dahil alam kong karamay kita lagi sa kabilang parte ng mundo...di man kita nakikita..in my heart i feel you...at yun ang importante di ba? i miss our talks with tk, really...pero kontento na rin ako na kahit nasa malayo kau, alam kong maaasahan ko mga paalala at payo nyo....ingat din....i will never forget my times with you guys in this site!


ghee said...

"i will never forget my times with you guys in this site!"..

di ka nman nagpapaalam,Evs,db?

yes,this is another world,and in this world,i have you,Tikei and others.

its so amazing that through reading and commenting blogs,we could feel and sense things from people..

this is your world and mine...hope it would be a garden of roses..

naksss..pasensha ka na...nilalagnat ang beauty ko,tapos trabaho pa rin,huhu..sana hindi maging flu...

Tikey said...

Nyhahhaha nag dadrama kayo ni ATe Ghee,, heheh... medyo lie low sa blogging ang beauty ko, napapabayaan ko ang work ko e, per pag na improve ako ulit, bablog ulit ako 24 hrs a day hehhehe....

May mga bagay dito sa mundo na kusa nalang tlgang dumarating, pero meron din na kelan pa tlgang hintayin though dimo alam kung darating...ang gulo ba??

Gaya nalang dati nung inaantay ko ung nag lalako ng taho. PAgme narinig nakong sumigaw ng taho,takbo agad ako at bumibili, masaya nman kc me dagdag ang binibigay ni Manong. Ang takaw ko no? Walang kinalaman yan sa entry mo, nakwento kolang...

Shoshana said...

Ev, I'm tagging you. I hope you're not allergic to tags. :)

Waiting...are you kidding? That's really hard to do. I get antsy. I have to go to my "quiet" spot to endure it.

ev said...


of course i'm not leaving!ano ka ba?just that sometimes we have to prioritize some more important details in our life other than this but then, we always go back rin naman where our heart is, right?

"this is your world and mine...hope it would be a garden of roses.." how poetic!

get well soon! and take care fren.


eto yata ang epekto ng kabablog natin, nagiging emosyonal na tau sa lahat ng bagay...we grow to be sensitive, pero oks lang yan...mas nagiging totoo naman tau di ba?

hindi magulo comment mo oy!na-gets ko ha...reality bites...di naman talaga natin alam kung may darating at kung may dapat hintayin...hahaha!ang gulo nga!hekhek! basta kuha ko point mo..at sana makarating din dito sa pinas yang magtataho na yan!;0

ang totoo hirap akong banggitin name mo? may lahi ka bang hapon?hehe...curious talaga ako sa tag name mo..nway, nakupoh!nung nagkoment ako sa blog ni ghee about your tag, sabi ko sa self ko, haayyyy salamat at di ako tinag ni ghee!and now, pinaikot lang pala ni ghee from you...huhuhu!allergic ako sa mga tag...pinag-isipan ko kung ano isasagot ko jan sa tag na yan, kasi pag sinabi ko na, eh syempre, di na secret yun di ba?pag-iisipan ko muna...ok lang?ang totoo ala naman akong mga "back subjects" na nakatago kaya di ko alam how to answer it.

hmmm....you're right..its hard to wait.(for whatever means)..just like you, i look for a very quite place all alone to find serenity to endure things that make me so impatient with...pag di ko na kaya..i tell you.."i really cry"...somehow...crying clears my vision...even my restlessness...we're human eh.

Tikey said...

Buti naman na getching ung comment ko. pki explain nga diko gets comments ko eh! heheheh

gladys said...

nyahahahahhaha, natawa ako sa comment ni tickey...kahit kelan ka tlga sis tutubi..hehehe.

Kidding aside..may bagong motto na tayo ngayon di ba, 2007 na eh...mangita na ta..hehehe. Wa na yang wait wait na yan..luma na yan. Tayo na maghahanap sa kung anuman yan.

Lab yah!

ev said...

hahahaha!!!ug si sharon cuneta pa.."tara na..sakay na!"hehe!