My cousin had to buy cheeseburger for my aunt's little boy last night and so we made our entrance at the drive-thru of McDonald. While waiting for my cousin's order, a young boy came near my window . He was selling sampaguita. I bought a pair of corsage. I could have bought more of it on his hand so the lad can go home ....but i only took the amount from my purse good for two. On my way home, i felt a tinge if guilt. I told myself how could i have been so insensitive! I could have eased the boy's struggle. I felt pathetic. I tried console myself and argued.."ev,you can't save the world!" But of course i can...but of course i am too capable at least in my own simple and little way!I brushed aside the idea of saving poverty but still in my mind, i thought of the young boy. There is actually a big difference of helping out of pity than helping out of sympathy huh! By that time, i was feeling a little anxious. I went to bed a little late. I forgot about the lad. The next morning i realize what i did last night, i was simply there and dipped into the water..but i forgot to make wave...i didn't make a difference. Did i help? I dont know....i am simply feeling guilty.


Shoshana said...

Ev, the fact that you bought something, that's good. So you didn't make a giant statement and bought the whole thing...but you make a difference. That little boy will have sold two corsage already.

Then, there's always next time!

ev said...


ewan ko ba...bigla akong naging kuripot ng time na yun..or kuripot na talaga siguro ako?;00

yan yata yung tinatawag na tension of the opposite..wherein you tend to do something else when you are actually bound to do the other thing...wow!do i make sense?

anyway, yah..there's always next time.

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

... u did help sweetie and u can do it again if ur feelin' guilty right? i mean di man sa batang yun! kahit kanino so cheer up! ^_~

... and thanx for ur warm welcome to me, i'm back finally! soo happy to read ur first comment, thanxxx!


krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
I agree with Shoshana and Kath.
If you feel guilty, there is always
next time and next needs. Don't feel guilty, it was eysterday, live now. But I think you helped him.
Peace and happiness to you!

Tikey said...

Syempre nakatulong ka luka luka heheh! kaw tlga... ang mahalaga e ang importante.. basta ganyan... ang gulo

Agring said...

For sure nakatulong rin yong dalawang corsage na binili mo. Don't worry, like what they say there's always a next time.

ghee said...

waaahhh,ang sipag mong mag post,di ako makahabol :)

oh well,EV,i can relate well...pag umuuwi ako sa pinas,lahat yata ng pulubing makita ko ay gusto kong bigyan,lahat ng nagbebenta ng sampagita,pati na red roses ay gusto kong pakyawin,pero pinipigilan nila ako,i mean my family...yung iba raw kasi ay illegal,hawak ng sindikato,couldnt understand at first syempre,pero thats the real harsh fact of life :)

you`ve helped him in your own little way,and im sure you`ll continue helping with others,you dont need to feel the guilt,you have a lot of chances :)


ann said...

For sure di lang naman ikaw yung bumili that day so don't feel guilty. At least ikaw may ginawa di ba?

May mag-ina sa simbahan na namamalimos akong nakita, walang suot na pang-ibaba yung baby na mga 8 months lang yata. After the mass, umuwi na kami at kumuha ako ng mga underwears sa bahay na pang baby at ibinigay. Kawawa kasi yung baby. The next day ganun ulit yung bihis ng bata. So it means, sadya talaga pala yun para siguro kaawaan nga. Nakakaawa yung baby, ginagamit sa paraang hindi maganda.