Re: Am setting you free..

Well this sharing is a long one...

One time, i received an email from a guy in the states ,whom i met online almost two years ago. He's in his early 40's,single but in a relationship, a filipino but already a U.S citizen,living in the States since his childhood. The subject of his email goes like this: Re: Am setting you free.
I got curious with it and thought of the possibility that this might mean something very important to part of the sender. My intuition was right. While reading the entire thought of the email, i realized that the email comes from a filipina woman whom he so fell in love with.It's a break-up letter addressed to him.

Memories of my past, the first time i knew him online, flashed back on me. The lady's name was the same woman he once told me that he's so deeply in love with for a very long time. But the break-up letter I noticed was just recently made the moment he forwarded it on me and to all the ladies he knows or communicates with in the internet. Take note: forwarding the break-up letter of a woman so innocent, so hurt, that the guy (on the other hand),while adding insult to injury, sharing such personal letter to everybody!!!

And I was like..whoaaa!what's this?? And so without ado, i emailed him back and asked what was going on. The reply was brief but precise: "just want the world to know that i am open now to market". I got pissed off with his response...he was forwarding the email to all the girls in the net, at the expense of the this woman's feeling, only to simply tell the entire cyberspace that he's available again?!;0

I was trying to analyze the possibilities of their break-up based from the woman's email, and the reason is clear.. the guy doesn't trust the woman. YOu'd be moved if you get to read the woman's email. But i recall how I ended my friendship with this man. The lady who wrote the break-up letter shares the same dilemma with me. My communication with him ended too about a year ago because he just couldn't believe that I am real...he simply thought that i'm just a scam.

After all those times when I was his shock absorber, outlet and adviser...finding him too insecure and full of doubts...while I was there to at least boost his ego,to let him go out of his shell,to learn to trust and to just continue wooing this filipina woman...he remained doubtful of my intention. He even got my number only to find out that his real motive of calling was simply to verify if my voice sounds like the other women he was wooing in cyberspace. I laughed at his idea but my God! i was sooo upset!!After all, my friendship with him went wasted and I was even wasting my time of responding his email only to find out that he never believed in my existence in the first place. And so in response i asked him to drop our friendship and stop communicating with me. I wouldn't care to explain for my side or for the things i am never guilty of. From then on, we stop hearing from each other.

Out of my concern to the lady i forwarded back to her the break-up letter. I don't know if I made the right move. I never meddled anyone else's personal experience in all my life, unless my advise is needed. The fact that these two people involved are after all, still total strangers to me. But the following day, i received a very long email from the woman,telling me how even hurt she is with what the guy did to her. There from her email, the filipina woman narrated all the things she did only to let the guy believe that she's honest and real. I found out too that she's a girl from Makati, Metro Manila, working in a logistic company, a professional, and most of all so young and pretty. I realized how much she so love this man but to just end her struggle, she finally decided to end their relationship.

I've heard a lot of stories in the internet..in the chat room..in this cyberspace about filipina women, if not opportunists, are the ones' being played around by men in the other end of the line. But the lesson here is simple and clear: In an instance one will know and find out that everything is just a game between them if along with their conversation or even trading emails that something is actually missing...go surf and see the in depth of your sharing...and if one still think that still it's not real i advise either party to drop everything to make the story short before you both lose respect with each other. Move on in life, and settle for something that will fill you with purpose. We all fall in love..and trust is very important no matter how distance separates you both...very risky...so clueless for both people involve...life is a game of chance. You get hurt now but later on, in time, you'll learn to trust again, and for sure it will be for the right reason..for the right person.

Life is like that...we all get hurt in order to learn.


Tikey said...

Naku mabatukan nga yan! hahah!! inconsiderate nman un. mali nman ang subject na nilagay nya sa email bda? hehe!!

madaling makarma ang mga taong ganyan. at tama langa ng desisyon mo to stop communicating w/ this kind of people.. bad bad bad..

ala una i medya na dito eve,, naantok na ako heheh

ann said...

Meron talagang mga tao na self centered. Walang pakialam sa damdamin ng iba. Forwarding personal emails to someone you don't know (personally) is unethical. I pity the makati girl, siguro habang sinusulat nya yung break -up letter ay punong-puno ng feelings yun then malalaman nya na may iba palang nakabasa. I hate kiss and tell people.

ev said...


It's his lost anyway.


That's my initial reaction..he's so self-centered..more than i can just imagine.

Anonymous said...

"Life is like that...we all get hurt in order to learn."

Those words caught my entire attention.

It feels odd..for i've known somebody who's going through the 'hurt' feeling and yet SHE NEVER LEARNED. But she will always be my friend, come what may.

*sigh* she always want it the hard way and I can't do anything about it.

Nice post! I know i'm off topic but just want to share ;-)

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Very interesting, but sad story!
Life is always a big lesson!
Take good care!

ev said...


yah, you're right..SHE NEVER LEARNED...because all the while she thought that that MAN "was" as good as HIS WORDS...and it's sad because there are people like them in the society..

no matter what the age, the culture, the profession and even his faith......one can really never tell that these are enough basis to measure what a TRUE PERSON is...what a man of WORTH is.

i felt sorry for men like them.;(

ghee said...

Thats absurd!!That guy was the most conceited and pathetic Ive ever heard.

I believe that there will be or there are real romances in net,but most of them are just playing or trying to kill time and have fun at the same time..

poor woman..she`s hurt at sana wag matuto na sha from it :)

ghee said...

Ev,curios ako,sino si anonymous?hehe

ev said...

hehe!am not sure kung sino si anonymous,kaya never mind it na lang mahfren.