Finally I've found a breathing space after a long week exam. Whew! Ambilis ng panahon. Magsa-summer naman. Well, Lenten season is on the way, i hope to go for a quiet reflection in the province or just a quiet place to think things that I messed out and hope to change.

I miss myself..haha! kakaloka!for the first time, i miss myself?? Toinkz! Found myself kasi lately runnin' to and fro, trying to comply requirements in my evening class, parang for the first time, nakalimutan kong I breathe...na tao pala ako at di machine! Sana lang di pa ako isumpa ng mga kaibigan ko. Sigh!its been awhile that we haven't seen and talked. Kumusta na kaya sila?Will they still forgive my lapses? or the question would probably be,do i still have a space in them? I miss them...so much that i wanna tell them how i am lately. Arrhhgg!...naiyak tuloy ako...yayyks ayokong mag-emote this time... nubayan!;oP


Mari said...

Your friends will give you room still, otherwise they are not friends.

ev said...

oh yeah!thanks mari..that sure is a lift!;0)

wITChy Boop said...

Bakit naman isumpa? Gagets....
Oi Im glad its over.
Pareho lang kau ni Bien and Ervs at that time.
Graduation na yan ha?
I will be there just like old times... Pramis.

krystyna said...

Take relax, Ev!
Congratulations for your exam!

Now, I have a busy time too, but thanks-without exam.

ghee said...

gee..holy Friday na...what am i supposed to do?imbes na mag reflect or contemplate,i need to pack and pack and clean!!

arrgh..pagod na me!

Regards!miss yah!