First lesson...

Ash' post got me mesmerized. Brought me back to old memory as a child. I remember my first lesson in biking. Yep, I was once a trying hard little creature, really wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle. And because I really wanna learn, it took me to get wounds and bruises down to my knees. But i don't care at all. Childhood friends laughed at me because i drove so lousily, when my bicycle would crisscrossed down the alley. But I never stopped practicing ..it was like a childhood dream..a simple dream..until I learned. And it was a wonderful feeling. I realized that it's just a matter of guts..of real determination.

Life is all about the first lessons. When learning cannot just be done overnight. When we have to get wounds and bruises...learning the hard way. Even going through trial and error thing. The sad realization is that there were more errors though than the right ones. Maybe because in life, though we cannot really plan things the way we want them, we eventually learn by mistake.. by wrong moves..wrong decisions. Most of my first lessons taught me a lot about life. They were all like big bloopers on a big screen. But then, perhaps if not for those mistakes, I will not learn from life.

Well, i guess it was not a mistake after all.


Dragonstar said...

These are deep thoughts, but very important.
You are right - when we make the right moves we are often unaware of them, but the wrong moves force us to learn.
The important thing is not to give up.

Thanks for visiting, and for your kind comment.

manilenya said...

My daughter learned biking in no hour; she just watched the children biking in the street nearby our house since she cannot touch them. One time she asked my mother if she can rent one for her, she was so excited when my mother allowed her. It was her first time but to her surprise she can wheel them without trying too hard.

I don't remember how many days I have waited for me to learn biking but it didn't take long for sure.

Thanks for dropping by :)

ev said...


sure, thanks too for dropping here!keep your site going!


i learned biking late my childhood..almost in 5th grade if i remember it right...perhaps i wasn't as confident as ever then, thats why took me longer to learn. tsaka di lang siguro ako fast-learner like any other children.

kulas said...

Hi Ev,

Ng bago akong matuto, nabungo ko ang isang mama na pustura, puti pa ang pantalon. Naku, nasira ko ang lakad niya. Kita ko ang hinagpis sa mukha niya, ngunit hinde siya nagalit sa akin. Kagat labi siyang bumalik pauwi sa kanila.

Hanggan ngayon, di ko makalimutan iyon, at ng mabungo ako ng isang batang nagbibisikleta, pasensya rin ako.

Matutuwa yung mamang nabuyngo ko noon kung malaman niyang di ko nakalimutan ang kanyang mapagbigay na loob.

Ash said...

Got you mersmerized?? Wow :)
Thank you so much EV!!

Sorry I havent been around much. Hope you are doing well.


Nance said...

Hi ev,
one thing i remember when i was learning how to ride a bike is that, my Pa let me get up, pushed it real hard and off i went! ... nervously pedaling all by myself, but doing it that way taught me to get in tune with my body and learned to balance it. it didn't take me long to learn.

ev said...


ang cute naman ng kwento mo, ako naman sa mga poste bumabangga...sa mga gilid ng kalsada..hehe..kaya naman may mga galos ako at kunting sugat.

thank you too. you have such very inspiring captures. i always admire your passion for that. keep it going ash!


it really didn't take me that very long time to learn..just that I was not confident as a child..and i had to have bruises and small wounds because i could hardly balance my body once I started to pedal the bike..hehe

krystyna said...

Good example for learning life's lesson, Ev.
thanks for sharing.
I read this great post few days ago, but my commts disappeared.


joan said...

there is only one thing i remember about riding a bike...the first moment i could finally do it on my own was also the last time i did it. that's me..my interest stops when i discover it's not so hard at all..;o)

lady cess said...

ako din, my learning the bike was so memorable, my friends even remember it as the day na sumemplang ako, i lost consciousness and the neighbor had to carry me to our house :) pero wag ka, days later i mastered it too, and the feel of the wind on my face was my first taste of freedom :)