No longer a kid...

My nephews used to visit us in the house on weekends. One time, the eldest now in 6th grade asked for a money from my father. I saw my father then counted the coins on his palm and gave the five peso to my nephew. I was laughing really really hard when my nephew blurted out saying," Lo!Dako nako!Grade six nako! singko gihapon?!" And then he continued complaining saying, " Dapat minimum of 10 pesos na Lo oi! dili nagud ko bata!" nyahaha..

You know our young ones nowadays, they are more open and blunt but funny when they react over things. I don't know but I was really smiling to have realized how much wit does my nephew have grown to have lately.Well, just wanna share the funny conversation of a grandfather and a grandson. Perhaps my father forgot that his grandson is no longer the little boy he used to cuddle with some years have passed.


Mari said...

Yes, coins are for kids; paper money are for grown ups. LOL Now I'm smiling here, thinking of those days, that when I have paper money I feel like a big kid.

ev said...

Hi Mari,

oh yeah, you are right!i also experienced that before. bakit nga kaya ganun no?!hehe!and i do have the same feeling as yours, if i have paper money as a child, wow parang may "i finally grow up " na feeling.o o di kaya ang dami pera ni tatay!;0)

Midas said...

LOL. That is pretty funny.

I don't think my parents would have allowed me to set amount of my gifts. We didn't or aren't allowed to talk money that way, unless we're negotiating our allowance versus the chores we have to do.

Ann said...

I'm telling tin2 a while ago that my mom used to give me Php5 allowance daily when I was in highschool. Kaya pala walang reaction, she thought $5.

eto lahat blogs ko para di ka maligaw..hehehe


wITChy Boop said...

When I imaging Papa's reaction, natatawa ako Bes. We are not getting any younger na pala... kung di ko pa nabasa to nakowww...I wouldn't realized nga wa pa man diay ko bu-ot. Nyeee..
It's good to know na dumadalaw pa rin sila dyan sa ancestral house nyo. I will be in Davao next week. Muduaw ko dinha nimo if you are no busy haaa..

tikey said...

Hay mga bata nga nman no? Kung tayo nga parang makahiya kung nahingi ng pera e!

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
As I was kid my parents didn't tolerated an ask about money. (but I needed money)

Good luck and many blessings to you!

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ev said...

kids shouldn't be used to asking for money, I too believe. But since their father (my eldest brother) passed away five years back, it's been a part of our obligation to at least support the kids in their allowance for school.And so each time they visit us in the house, they're used to asking for their weekly allowance.

My nephew asking for money during that time was just part of making "lambing" to their grandpa..that's why they're used to getting coins from father in that case.;0)

But as for me, I don't spoil them with money, I only gave when necessary. Kaya pag money matter they know when they go to me for that matter. I make sure they have valid reasons to ask for it. Strict ako na tita in that aspect!haha! But I spoil them more with my love and affection.;0)

Cielo said...

malalaki na sila , at tumatanda na pala tayo hehehe.

habang lumalaki nga sila specially during xmas season, hirap bilhan ng mga gifts,