The journey is signing off..

Having been able to share my personal views and opinions online from year2005 to present and to have posted a few about life's tossing and turning milestone, it would be an understatement to say that I have not enjoyed this contemplation.And whether we all come from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, the technology of today have us together still in one common goal--to be in one with our freedom of expression. In the context of it all, I know somehow there is truthfulness in a saying that "words are still mightier than swords."

However, my views here have reached to its utmost, I believe, and so it would be redundant to say more when I know I've said much. Yet, I will still hold true to the song that goes, "goodbye doesn't mean forever". I will share more about the "what-have-beens" of this wonderful journey... someday soon .
We just have to enjoy life to its fullest.. for we shall never pass this way again. Words are not enough to thank you fellow bloggers but may God continue to bless all our endeavors a hundredfold!

This is "ev" in this journey..now signing off.:)


Mari said...

Come back soon, Ev. I enjoyed your rants, ramblings and musings.

Take care.

redlan said...

uy san ka pupunta. ako ilang beses rin nagdecide na iwan ito pero hindi ko magawa. pabalikpablik pa rin ako sa pagblog.

kaya i know babalik ka rin. take your time and enjoy life.

hope to see you soon here.

tc ev!

krystyna said...

Please Ev, please,... I don't like cry in my age.
If you can please, visit my next post
/ Monday/

I always wish you All the best!

wITChy Boop said...

ha? I feel sad. Really I am so sad bes...

the donG said...

okay. this is both good news and bad news.

bad because we'll be missing your post and good because you'll have more time for yourself and be at peace.

hope to hear from you in the future.

krystyna said...

24 Carat Gold Most Outstanding Bloggers Award-
this Award is for you. You deserved for gold!
Please, take it!

cielo said...

hi EV, sis nakakalungkot naman, but nonetheless, I know that you will be happy with this decision...dadaan daan pa rin ako just in case na magbago ang isip mo sis...baka sakaling it will hold true sa iyo na ...."Once a blogger always a blogger"

Anonymous said...

You have touched many in many ways. May God always bless and watch over you Ev.