"When you have the urge to say something blunt, leave half a sentence unsaid; although all rights and reasons are on your side; allow your opponent three parts out of ten." ~
T.C. Lai, "Chinese Couplets"

When someone says something mean to us or simply brings out a shocking news, be it a betrayal or not, sometimes it's our natural reaction as human to defend our wounded pride. We rationalize and even act on impulse. However, to get even isn't always the best way to win back our hurt ego. I learned that sometimes we have to leave some things unsaid for there is more of a depth in silence than in the cacophony of a wounded soul.It is not an easy thing just keep quiet at the triggering thought of knowing you have the right to reason out... but the truest intention of one's heart is most often the sure way to keeping your integrity intact as a person.

Thank God... I find true solace in this little contemplation.


Ash said...

This is lovely! So true!

ev said...

Thanks Ash!:)